Finally Medicinal Cannabis in Britain

It has been a long time coming, and it is news that a lot of people will have been waiting for – medical cannabis has been “legally” brought into the UK for consumption. It is a great day for the UK and possibly a turning point in how they handle medical cannabis. A member of the UK based cannabis campaigning group “Clear” has successfully returned from the Netherlands with 90g of medical grade cannabis that had been prescribed by his UK based GP.


This seizure-free anniversary is particularly monumental. After taking 300mg of CBD-rich cannabis oil every day, Zaki is celebrating his first year without seizures. Zaki, who is 10 years old now, had seizures ever since he was only 4 months old - and he experienced thousands per day. Zaki suffers from Doose syndrome, a form of epilepsy found early in childhood. The cause is yet unknown and the conventional pharmaceutical medications are no remedy. The little boy underwent 17 different pharmaceutical treatments — and none caused any relief. When he was 5 years old, an electroencephalography reading revealed that he had more than 200 seizures per hour.

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