420 Stupidity

Police Hires Van and Returns It with Cannabis

Never put it past a policeman to mess up and not bother to apologize for it. Reports are coming out of the UK how the police hired a van to use during a drugs raid, then returned the van to the owners with the seized drugs still in it. It boggles the mind... John McKinnon, a Mitchell's Self Drive worker was called to the police station to pick up the van. Little did he know he was driving away with gigantic haul of cannabis.

Yesterday the biggest 420 marijuana rally was held in Denver, Colorado. Around 70 - 80.000 people attended this rally in a park near the State Capitol.

В уведомлении говорится, что статьи Википедии под названием

Yeah I guess I have never been much of a believer but it sure is good to have a friend to help me carry my precious herbs.


police returning weed

I have heard of cops confiscating cannabis plants. I have heard of cops stealing plants. But cops returning stolen plants? WTF? But yeah, it seems that crazy stories sometimes are real… Thomas Davis, a grower from Maine, USA, had 17 plants stolen from him and called the cops as Maine is a state where medical marijuana is legal and so is growing it.

Russian Flag

Last week in Moscow the Russian authorities made a strange discovery outside one of their metro stations. It seems that a company that had been hired to plant lawn grass in a park next to a new metro station had planted the wrong kind of grass. Officers of the Russian drug control service received a call about cannabis plants being found in the park and after investigation 230 cannabis plants have been dug up!

Denmark cannabis flag

For some months there have been rumors that Copenhagen might be the next city in Europe where cannabis would be legalized. But last weekend the Justice Ministry officially turned down Copenhagen City Council’s request to start an experiment with legalizing cannabis in the city that has a population of about 1.2 million. At this moment the sale, consumption and cultivation of cannabis is strictly illegal in Denmark, but for many years already there is a huge black market for cannabis.

Day 1 of Banning Tourists from Dutch Coffeeshops

So it has finally happened; the first day of banning tourists from buying their beloved herb in the Southern cities of the Netherlands has come. From now on visitors need to have a ' wietpas' to be able to enter a coffeeshop. And this new rule states that only residents of the Netherlands can register for this so called “weedpass”. Today has been a very hectic day in coffeeshop-land as in many cities the new rule created confusion and chaos. In Maastricht, a city close to the border of Belgium only one shop opened its doors in the morning just to refuse the first tourist their entrance to the facility. This of course resulted in angry foreigners who then went in a big march to the local police station to report a case of discrimination. All other coffeeshops in Maastricht didn't open their doors at all out of protest.