Cannabinoids Help AIDS Patients.

Yesterday was a great day for AIDS patients as an official study proves that marijuana-like compounds can help to find AIDS in the late-stage of this horrific decease. The research has been done by doctors from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and was published in the medical journal PloS ONE. Cristina Maria Costantino, the leader of the study explains: “We knew that cannabinoid like marijuana can have a therapeutic effect in AIDS patients, but did not understand how they influence the spread of the virus itself." Does this mean that HIV patients will be smoking pot?

Cristina Maria Costantino explains:"We wanted to explore cannabinoid receptors as a target for pharmaceutical interventions that treat the symptoms of late-stage AIDS and prevent further progression of the disease without the undesirable side effects of medical marijuana.” In other words this means that they will try to develop a drug that triggers only CB2 as an adjunctive treatment to standard antiviral medication and not get you high. In the article about this research that was published by Doctor Tipster you can read a lot more scientific details about the study, but we are happy that our favorite herb might also contribute to fight against AIDS and that hopefully this eventually will help us to fight against criminalization of Marijuana. Or will this study soon be eliminated or taken over by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry and their “evil friends”?

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