Cannabis Liberation Day Festival Amsterdam 2012

Cannabis Festival

A great cannabis festival organized in Amsterdam this Sunday, the 17th of June! The government of the Netherlands is changing the drug laws and the people are angry. We have informed you about the new system, banning tourists from Dutch cannabis café’s and obligating local citizens to register as a pot smoker to be able to purchase their favorite herb. The new laws will be put into effect nationwide in 2013, but in the South of the country they have already gone into effect.

There have been some demonstrations already and the negative effects of the new law are clearly visible; empty cannabis café’s, or ‘coffeeshops’ as we call them here in the Netherlands and illegal street dealers roaming the streets and selling drugs to weed-hungry tourists, making local people feel unsafe in their own towns. All this nonsense is of course totally unnecessary as the government should just realize that decriminalizing cannabis is the only right way to treat this issue. Just like cigarettes and alcohol, cannabis could mean profit for the country. Just regulate the growing and the smoking and let the people do their thing and everything will be fine... On 17th of June will be the “Cannabisbevrijdingsdag 2012” (Cannabis Liberation day 2012) in the Westerpark in Amsterdam. This festival will be another attempt to wake up the Dutch government and stop this madness. There will be national and international speakers talking about the problem, many great bands and live acts, a hemp-market and the Cannabis Film festival. From 14:00 ‘till 22:00 it will be an event you can’t miss out on. So if you are in the neighborhood, make sure you will be there and show your support! See all festival info here.


Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
That's really sad, in that case they need to register all cigarette smokers who cause cancer and all drinkers who drive under the influence!!! This is really bad!!! Amsterdam will lose a lot of tourism and crime will increase just as it is in America!! They need to rethink this over cause it might get ugly!! Guess my fiance and I can cancel our trip!! Really sad!!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
OH COME ON!!! gimme a break here! i've stopped smoking hash when i heard about amsterdam the strains of pure herbal mary janes, and i was planning to visit next year after graduation!!! cant you just assassinate the person whos in control and get done with this for good?!
Submitted by Smartdread (not verified) on
I am planning a trip to Amsterdam next year. I just so excited to be there in person, taking in all the local 420 cultural scenes.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Luckily i have been to Amsterdam this month, i was very displeased to hear that they are planning to ban it in the great city. Now here is where i find the problem, whilst prostitution and alcohol consumption are considered absolutely fine and make not even a small percentage of the money that cannabis brings in to the city, then why not just legalise it completely? The money that the Netherlands would be making would be phenomenal, i mean look at whats happened in California. I have come to terms with the fact that cannabis in the UK is never going to be seen in a positive light, especially with all the bullshit medical and scientific "discoveries" about the effects on individuals like you or myself sensationalised by the media to uphold the conservative nature that our country has ever so proudly not let go of. I think that Amsterdam should keep the weed and maybe consider closing more of the red light district so STD's can be replaced with THC's

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