Dutch Police Raids Cannabis Cup In Amsterdam

Police Raids Cannabis Cup In Amsterdam

Holy crap. And that's the end of the Cannabis Cup as we all know it... Yesterday the police raided the Cannabis Cup Expo in Amsterdam. The police entered the expo with 150-200 cops (!) "to ensure that all vendors were in compliance with tax laws and a 500 gram limit for cannabis that is enforced in the Netherlands, for coffeeshop owners". Yeah, yeah, bullshit we say. The police didn't care about tax laws and a 500 gram limit. This is a political statement, and nothing else. The Dutch government wants to get rid of cannabis, the coffeeshops and also the 'Cannabis image' it has had worldwide for the past 30 years or so. And by cracking down the biggest cannabis event of the world, this is just a new, major step. They can't make the event illegal, but they can surely try to discourage everyone to come next year again. So they did... What a wankers. Or 'Klootzakken' as we say in The Netherlands.

Reaction from High Times: "...started over a misunderstanding about a permit application filed by the venue to host the event, a situation that lead to a clearing of the expo by law enforcement..."

Uhhh what? Also complete bullshit of course. We ain't that stupid.


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fuck you Mark Rutte and your shitty government!
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