Last puffs of freedom for Marc Emery

Marc Emery

Marc Emery, the Canadian Prince of Pot, is seen by many as an important activist. The US on the other hand ranks him high as a dangerous drug criminal and wants him badly. After a long battle in Canadian court the judge ordered his extradition. Result: 5 years in a US prison. And the clock is counting down on him pretty fast as we speak. He's currently out on bail waiting for the Federal Justice Minister of Canada to sign the extradition order, which can be done any time after this Friday. Yes, that's today. US and Canada, shame on you.


Submitted by Jiggs on
Marc, you overgrow that prison system! Hope to see you back soon...
Submitted by TJ2988 on
All over a natural plant that is provided by this planet ... in such a society we live in where alcohol is promoted and sold nearly everywhere and causes more harm than good in my opinion, it's all just childish.
Submitted by ISU420 on
hopefully by the time you get back it will all be legal. And when you do get out.... HIT me up.
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