Legalization Of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington

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Holy shit! For many years we have been waiting for the moment and nothing happens, then you turn your head and all of a sudden two states in the US legalize cannabis! WTF?!? Of course in some states it is already prohibited to smoke marijuana for medicinal use but now in both Colorado and Washington voters have managed to get the majority to vote for legalization. I would say that after more than 75 years of bullshit around this wonderful plant, this is a historical moment …. I am speechless. Growing and selling will be regulated, people over 21 will be able to buy up to one ounce of weed at a shop and you will allowed to grow up to 6 plants for personal use... Wait a minute….  fuck me sideways and call me Nancy… one ounce??  That is about 28 grams! While here in Amsterdam we are allowed to buy only up to 5 grams!  That is if this new weed-pass system is not going to go in effect in Amsterdam.

As 50% of all drug arrests in the US are for possession of marijuana this might mean that the prisons in the states o Colorado and Washington might be empty soon as well. So of course a large group of opponents of the new law are protesting, saying that drug tourism will take over and children will be smoking pot in no time. But public support of marijuana has never been as big as in the last year as many Liberals, Democrats, Moderates, Independents, doctors, lawyers, famous people, politicians and of course you and me have expressed their support on legalization.

So wow, just wow… it seems things might actually go the right way…  Or am I just dreaming all of this and will the federal government, with for the next 4 years apparently again Obama, manage to fuck shit up again?


Submitted by jake (not verified) on
i beleive in democracy agen !!!!!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Jake wrote: "i beleive in democracy agen !!!!!!" That is nice, Jake. But only if they vote yes, right?
Submitted by Ronald (not verified) on
If only could vote on this in Australia's next federal election
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Ronald said: "If only could vote on this in Australia's next federal election" Of course you can Ronald. Of course it would be illegal, and I know you would never do that. Right?
Submitted by rabidracoon on
There is now more hope for humanity!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
rabidracoon wrote: "There is now more hope for humanity!" There is always more hope for humanity when you are stoned. Even if it is not real. The interesting is that even if it isn't real, you do not care.
Submitted by Seedsman (not verified) on
What a great day for Americans and for the rest of the world, let's hope the other governments see the light!
Submitted by Click-N-Hit (not verified) on
Heck, before we start cramming it down other country's throats, lets hope our own Government listens first. Kinda premature for us to jump for joy, there is hope but it isn't a guarantee. /crosses fingers for nationwide legalization
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Seedman Wrote: "What a great day for Americans and for the rest of the world, let's hope the other governments see the light!" Through the haze? Oh, do not worry. Even if they don't, they will think they do.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
The States of Washington and Colorado have joined our personal restricted listings. Our family has enjoyed vacation visits touring Paris, Rome and London. On alternate years, we have visited from Phoenix to Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon in Arizona; Disney World, Busch Gardens and the Everglades National Park in Florida, and Houston and the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas. It has been a grand adventure for our children, but it does NOT include Child prostitution in Thailand; Cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Kidnapping in Haiti; the Drug Cartel In Puerto Rico, etc. all of which have made our family's restricted listing. With Marijuana Vending Machines Heading to the states of Washington & Colorado, these states have been put on our restricted 'No visit - No trade' listings along with other illustrious members. The 'No Trade' item was my sister's input. They are expecting their first child shortly and she suggested a 'No Trade' approach after hearing that the president had "bigger fish to fry" and would not apply federal law to what he considers a simple recreational drug. Alexia does not approve of his vision of reshaping America, when it conflicts with protecting their daughter's future. We are not impressed with how much tax money state-legislators will make, while trying to limit marijuana potency, impose growing standards, labeling, advertising, restricting minor's usage and the interstate cross-border transportation of a now legal drug. For Washington State, they have the added challenge of an increased cross-border flow of the drug, being next to British Columbia. The new border tunnels will supply stronger potency options than those allowed by Washington state law, with the added benefit of no state taxes. Washington may well become a greater source of pot for users in Oregon and Idaho. Idaho has no medical marijuana law and possession in any form is against the law. Colorado still has the Cartel as a variety drug supplier of enhanced drugs to the expected number of new state sanctioned users. A local police officer said they have no current plans for profiling cars with Washington or Colorado state license plate at traffic checks, despite their need to meet quotas. He had heard some talk about possible increased Canadian border attention being given to residents of those two states. Alexia, and her family, encouraged us to impose self-limits, not only on state visitation but also on any interaction with state products and services. Being a football fanatic, I regret giving up watching a game just because the Colorado Buffaloes or the Washington State Cougars are playing in it. - 'Colorado Vs. Washington State Final: Buffaloes Defeat Cougars, 35-34, on a last-minute touchdown'. - but family and my new niece are more important. Alexia is right. We have to draw the line somewhere. Yes, citizens of the Washington and Colorado states have the democratic right to vote for the legalization of another ‘recreational drug’. We have the democratic right to say no to visiting their states and having any interaction with their state products and services. We are only a small family, so no harm is done to these two drug states. They will make much more money from the new taxes than they will lose from us. Sill some of our friends and even members of our church are talking about it.
Submitted by Reality (not verified) on
You are aware this is a herb put on earth by god for our use. Need to have a long talk in church about more than your tax dollars. By the way this is daily smoker . Why are you even here to post uneducated self righteous comments? Your children are going to grow up sheltered and ignorant to the truth. If you are going to post on topics you know nothing about go back to facebook.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
i love u us

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