Making Hashish The Wrong Way

Making Hashish The Wrong Way

The traditional way of making hashish is hard work. These days there are much easier methods available. One of them involves the use of butane gas. No problem, as long you put a window open for the necessary ventilation! A little research helps sometimes...


Submitted by High C on
I used to use rubbing alcohol but it is much safer to use a bubble bag. For making small amounts of hash a mason jar, bottled water, tea strainer and a coffee filter work fine. The concept is making bubble hash except you cant seperate it by grade and you have to scrape the hash of the coffee filter but is much safer and faster than using alcohol.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I agree, Please read the instructions before experimenting with Butane. Here some tips: - put on safety glasses - do not smoke while extraction - use a well ventilated area - do not wear loose sweaters or bulky clothing during extraction TrimmerPro Team!
Submitted by screwtape (not verified) on
butane make hash oil or honey oil,different chemical make up which includes high volumes of the essential oils found in the cannibis.these oils are thought to have anti inflamitory propertys.water or bubble hash is much the same as dry sift or morrocan type hash as it is comprised almost entirely of "trichomes" or the glands that look chrystaly on the outsides of your buds if your product is screens from a screen printing shop at 125_150 lines per inch will produce some of the finest hash possible.if u do try making butane oil check out 'honey bee" extractors.cheep simple i think they are available online i got mine localy.also get a vaporglobe from an outfit like aqualab technologies.the oil on a bud takes a bit more than an equal weight of good hash.with a vaporglobe i find that i can break 1 tenth of a gram into multiple hits each one more than enuff.

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