No more pot for Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney has finally decided to quit smoking pot.

As everybody knows, a large amount of all the hits by The Beatles have been  written under the influence of drugs and especially Beatle member Paul McCartney has been known for his passion for marijuana and his openness about his drug abuse over the years.

Paul McCartney has told that the first joint he ever smoked was in the 60’s with the legendary Bob Dylan. In the period after that followed a usage of cocaine, LSD and many other illegal substances. Although Paul McCartney has always claimed his drug use was not excessive, he has been in contact with the law for drug related affairs many times.

In the last few decades Paul McCartney has been mainly smoking just pot but claims he had enough of it.

Paul McCartney has said the following in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine: 'I did a lot, and it was enough. I smoked my share.  When you are bringing up a youngster your sense of responsibility does kick in. Enough is enough - you just don't seem to think it's necessary.'

At this moment Paul McCartney is father of an 8 year old daughter and wants to mainly focus his attention and energy on raising her.

We do of course respect Paul McCartney for his choice to stop smoking marijuana, but we are very grateful to Bob Dylan for introducing the substance to him back in the days and having influenced The Beatles in writing many brilliant songs.


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