No Seizures Anymore for 10 Year Old Boy


This seizure-free anniversary is particularly monumental. After taking 300mg of CBD-rich cannabis oil every day, Zaki is celebrating his first year without seizures. Zaki, who is 10 years old now, had seizures ever since he was only 4 months old - and he experienced thousands per day. Zaki suffers from Doose syndrome, a form of epilepsy found early in childhood. The cause is yet unknown and the conventional pharmaceutical medications are no remedy. The little boy underwent 17 different pharmaceutical treatments — and none caused any relief. When he was 5 years old, an electroencephalography reading revealed that he had more than 200 seizures per hour.

His parents look back on a horrible history of trying to find help for their son ... They tried about everything allopathy had to offer, but only to see their little boy suffer from severe side-effects. The traditional medications caused, among other effects, cramping body pains, hair loss, anorexia, incoherence, aggression, insomnia, self-injurious behavior and even loss of cognitive abilities including speech - the list is almost endless. They even tried alternatives such as cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy work, you name it - all to no avail. One can hardly imagine the despair of his loving parents.

In May 2012 the seizures he experienced while he was asleep, between 60 and 200 times, were brief, but very violent. It got so bad that he would stop breathing, as if something tied up his chest. It was by that time, when a friend at hospice told Mrs. Jackson this: "I can't tell you to try this, but there is this group of brothers who have helped treat a similar case with cannabis oil. I can't tell you to try it, but here's some phone numbers."

Whom she meant there, are the Stanley brothers — Josh, Jordan, Jesse, Joel, Jon and Jared. They are cannabis cultivators and founders of Realm of Caring, an organization devoted to help people with catastrophic diagnosis, such as cancer, MS, Parkinson and other debilitating conditions. They have created a cannabis variety containing a minimal percentage of THC and a very high level of CBD, the ingredient considered to be the most beneficial for medicinal purposes.

The Stanley brothers' cannabis strain is called "Charlotte's Web" - and the name is no coincidence. It has been named after Paige Figi's daughter Charlotte, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Paige Figi had contacted the Stanley brothers in her darkest hour when she was reaching out for the last straw to help her by that time 6-year-old daughter. Their "Realm Oil" helped her so, that they renamed their plant in her honor. But, there actually was coincidence involved ... The Stanley brothers had read studies conducted in Israel in the '70s, '80s, and '90s and the positive results on lab mice using CBD-rich varieties, but the studies focused on aiding cancer patients, so it was by luck that they discovered their oil could be so beneficial to those suffering from seizures.

Zaki's last clinical seizure took place Oct. 3, 2012 - this is the longest period of time in his entire life that he has ever been free from seizures.

Realm of Caring's 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization is still pending.

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