Police Hires Van and Returns It with Cannabis

Police Hires Van and Returns It with Cannabis

Never put it past a policeman to mess up and not bother to apologize for it. Reports are coming out of the UK how the police hired a van to use during a drugs raid, then returned the van to the owners with the seized drugs still in it. It boggles the mind... John McKinnon, a Mitchell's Self Drive worker was called to the police station to pick up the van. Little did he know he was driving away with gigantic haul of cannabis.

John told reporters after the incident, “There were bin bags full of cannabis. There was no mistaking what it was. I went running into the office and we phoned the police”.

Upon discovery, the father of two became outraged at the position he had been put in. The UK adopts a policy of zero tolerance for cannabis, with even those claiming to use it on medical grounds facing prosecution. Could you imagine the situation John would have been in if pulled over? Whilst quite humorous now, it could have ended up a lot more awkward.

Upon reporting the police's slip up, John had to wait 1 ½ hours for them to get themselves together and come collect it. When they arrived they offered no word of apology or even a thank you to John for being an “upstanding” citizen. They simply took it and went on their way.

A police spokeswoman said: ‘We can confirm that we are investigating a report that a vehicle hired by Police Scotland has been returned allegedly with what is believed to be police productions inside.’

This just goes to show that even the police make mistakes, even if they won't come out and admit it. It's a shame really, I am sure it would have made a nice personal stash, but oh well.

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