Prince Charles A Pot Smoker?

Prince Charles A Pot Smoker?

It has been known that Royal Family member Queen Victoria has once claimed that she used Cannabis in the past to ease period pains. But according to the latest news Prince Charles has shown his compassion for patients suffering from MS. Prince Charles was visiting a day care centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, when he met with Karen Drake, aged 36 and a long time MS patient who is bound to a wheelchair because of her horrible illness.

The Prince had a talk with her and asked her about the usage of alternative medicine, suggesting that the use of Medicinal Marijuana, under strict medical supervision of course, might be a way to ease the pain. The patient answered him that she would try anything that might help, but that medicinal marijuana is still illegal in the UK.

A spokesman of the Prince reacted to the news saying that Health is one of the main portfolios of the Prince and that he is fully aware of the ongoing debate on medicinal marijuana as a treatment of MS patients.

The Royal Family plays a very small role in the debate but nevertheless it has pleased campaigners for legalization and of course us from The Daily Smoker, to hear the Prince talking in such a positive way about the matter!

Rock on Sir Charles!


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