Richard Branson: Time To End The War On Drugs

Richard Branson: Time To End The War On Drugs

The War on Drugs is unwinnable. Billions and billions of Dollars and Euros are wasted every year, with a result that's less than 0. And that's already going on for decades. You know that. We know that. Unfortunately, the government is not going to listen to a bunch of stoners like us. To get a serious change in worldwide policy, other people need to step up too. People who belong to the 'top of society', people who have a serious influence on how the world looks like today. Maybe, maybe, one day, politicians will start listening to them. People like Richard Branson for example, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. Luckily he's on our side. So you tell 'm, Richard! Go go go...


Submitted by medical marijuana ca (not verified) on
WOW! I never thought that the owner of Virgin Megastores is a pro weed.Way to go. Gotta buy more Virgin products and Fly using his airways.
Submitted by ttank999 (not verified) on
I agree its time to legalize, and end this phony war on drugs. Stop wasting time and resources on near harmless drug, while alcohol is a perfectly legal drug. I'm a stoner and i love it i smoke exclusively on splitarillos though there the best.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I definalty agree with you sir, theres need to more powerful people in the world come out and stand up for legalization. And not just necessarily just actors, we need more politictions, leaders, and government people to fight for whats right. Because you know theres a ton of them smoking that are just hiding it out there.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Just think if he made a 420 Airline.. You figure out the rest.. It would make a lot of money, I will tell you that much. But wait till weed is legal of course

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