The Story Of Chaz Moore

The story of Chaz Moore

Medical marijuana saved his life, but is somehow also ruining it. Chaz Moore is 17 and is one of about 50 people in the world diagnosed with myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter. This is a very rare decease that causes muscle spasms that can recur dozens of times per day. The horrible disease makes Chaz speak in hiccups, one syllable at a time. After many years of going from emergency room to emergency room and from hospital to hospital, looking for a medicine that would help, it finally came out that marijuana is the only suited medicine in his case. Chaz lives in Colorado Springs and had to enroll in an online school because he is not allowed to use marijuana anywhere but at home. It might sound cool to some of you to be forced to sit at home with a pipe full of marijuana and follow online classes, but Chaz feels like as if he is on house-arrest. Read his story.

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