A-Train (T.H. Seeds)

A-Train - T.H. Seeds

The A-train is a hybrid between Afghani Mazar I Sharif and the clone-only Arcata e-32 Trainwreck. Trainwreck is an infamous plant. It looks like a train wrecked in your room—all the plants falling over themselves.

Train-wreck is a spindly plant that needs support almost immediately. The MiS helped girth it out a bit and overall she stayed pretty true to her low-leaf count, which really helps with manicuring.

On the inhale you taste the menthol, slightly lemony flavor that leaves your tongue numb and an almost immediate kick is felt before you get to experience the surprisingly smooth exhale. If you know what I mean by “Chinese eyes,” then you probably know the type of high this produces. It leaves you smiling and your eyes are little slits—you and your friends start getting creative, but the munchies take over. This is classic stoner weed.

The medicinal qualities seem apparent enough: ocular pressure lowered, appetite enhancement, stress relief; this plant has it all.

Height: 120-140 cm
Yield: 300-350 p.s.m.

Strain info

Seed Bank: 


40/60 Sativa/Indica


Afghani Mazar I Sharif x Arcata e-32 Trainwreck

Photoperiod / Autoflowering: 


Flowering Time: 

8 - 10 weeks



THC %: 


Award Winner: 


Available As: 

Regular and Feminized Seeds


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