BCN Diesel (Kannabia Seeds)

BCN Diesel - Kannabia Seeds

This is Kannabia's cross between an NY Diesel XXX from the United States that was passed on to them by a good grower from Barcelona (hence its name, in homage to the strain’s city of birth) and a very indica-rich Afghan plant from Dutch growers.

The resulting cross flowers early and is quite a lot more productive than the original Diesel. To keep the cross stable, Kannabia crossed the variety again with their Black Domina. After a long selection process of the resulting varieties, Kannabia opted for the one with the most noticeable Diesel characteristics that met their parameters for yield and speed of growth. The resulting hybrid combines all the vigorous growth and yield of an indica with the structure, smell and flavour of the original Diesel.

When growing your first BCN crop, you should bear in mind that it can reach a considerable size in next to no time, and owing you should also remember that the vigour of the hybrid means that the plant will grow quite a few centimetres more once it has started flowering. Kannabia recommends about 15-20 days’ growth (from seed) before switching to flowering.

All growing times should be adapted to the size of the plant pot and the available growing area.

When flowering, the plant demands large amounts of fertiliser, although the lemon-green colour of the leaves may mislead you into thinking that it needs more. This is not usually the case. Try to keep the EC levels during flowering between 1.8 and 2.2 so as not to over-fertilise the plant and saturate the roots.

From the beginning the plant gives off a penetrating odour, which becomes a “stench” throughout the flowering cycle.

The best results with this variety are obtained outdoors using a chemical (mineral compound) fertiliser. That way you will bring out all the Diesel flavour while making the most of all of the indica component’s yield potential. Indoors the plant is notable for being well-suited genetically for SOG growing.

BCN Diesel will be ready in eight weeks, although certain seeds may need another week to reinforce the flavour and ripen properly. Kannabia therefore recommends using carbohydrates from the second week of flowering onwards.

The effects of this plant are quite psychedelic but very smooth, lively and energetic. Ideal for creative types.

Your harvest will consist of buds heavily laden with trichomes that will give you an insatiable appetite. After a short burst of activity a sense of relaxation will wash over your whole body. Owing to its high THC levels it is recommended for medicinal use.

Outdoor harvest time: September-October
Yield: Medium-High

Strain info

Seed Bank: 




NY Diesel, Afghan, Black Domina

Photoperiod / Autoflowering: 


Flowering Time: 

8 - 10 weeks



THC %: 

> 20%

Award Winner: 


Available As: 

Feminized Seeds


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