Chocolope (DNA Genetics)

Chocolope - DNA Genetics

Chocolope from DNA Genetics belongs to our 'Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains'!

Chocolope, which was originally named D-Line, is a novice grower's dream plant! With a uniquely heavy yield and large heavy nugs, she is extremely easy to grow.

This Sativa heavy plant likes to grow tall so beware if space is an issue, however she can grow out with a little training.

DNA Genetics chose to cross their Original Chocolate Thai female with the Cannalope male, and then started backcrossing this to achieve a shorter flower time and still retain some of the Original Chocolate Thai qualities. What makes these Cannabis Seeds so special is that when you enjoy her you taste that chocolate you've been missing from the 80's! The Chocolope is the "ONE"! Not much haze, but you don't need it.

Yield: 500-600g/m2


  • Strain of the Year 2007 High Times
  • 1st Hydro Highlife Cup 2008
  • 2nd Sativa HT Cannabis Cup 2010
  • 2nd Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2007
  • 2nd Hydro Highlife Cup 2007
  • 3rd Hydro Highlife Cup 2009
  • 3rd Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2008
  • 3rd Indoor Bio Spannabis 2008
  • 3rd Hollyweed Cup 2006
Strain info

Seed Bank: 


95% Sativa : 5% Indica


OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze

Photoperiod / Autoflowering: 


Flowering Time: 

8 - 10 weeks



THC %: 


Award Winner: 

Cannabis Cup,
Hollyweed Cup,

Available As: 

Regular and Feminized Seeds


Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
there are a few phenos from seed, but the right one is one of the best smokes and grows ever, ever..ever :)
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
"Very High Quality" Easy to grow,easy to trim,easy to look after and High Quality smoke..
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Ah yes the euphoria of Chocolope. A wonderful energy high full of inspiration. Right on the mark for the sativa lover. Fine orange coloured, chocolate orange flavoured buds. Just add molasses for hard resinous nuggets with fat calyx laden flowers. DNA you've done it again! It's that smoke that you have when you realise HEY! I have'nt been properly stoned in ages. As boorat would say "Tis very nice"
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Very interesting strain...
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
No, it doesn't taste anything at all like chocolate. It smells like cantalope when it's flowering and when you break up a bud. It tastes like cantalope too. A great up high that has very little come down effects. Don't expect to be able to sleep on it though. You'll lie in bed and toss and turn while mentally examing every aspect of whatever is on your mind at the time. Yet it is a fairly relaxing high too without much paranoia. IMHO it's the best commercially available seeds you can buy although the yields in dirt are small, in hydro they are a pretty decent producer.
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