Mataró Blue (Kannabia Seeds)

Mataró Blue - Kannabia Seeds

Mataró Blue is the most popular strain from Kannabia Seeds in Europe. The reason for the popularity of Mataró Blue lies in it's amazing genetics.

Kannabia Seeds used a special genetic selection of Blueberry, original Afghan (Mazar-i-Sharif) and Black Domina. What a Dream Team...

The name of this strain is a combination from Kannabia's place of birth (Mataró, Spain) and the characteristic of this strain to become bluish of color. Especially when grown in a cold climate, the plant may become electric blue.

The Mataró Blue is an Indica-dominant strain, it's easy to grow and the yield of this plant is very generous. Besides the large main cola, it builds many, thick buds on the side branches. Under optimum conditions indoor growers can collect an impressive harvest of 600 gr/m2. For indoor growers it's also good to mention that this strain grows indoors to a medium height and is very well suited for the 'Sea Of Green' method. Mataró Blue will need 8-10 weeks of flowering to reach it's maximum potential.

Outdoor growers can expect a plant which is able to get quite big; it's able to occupy an area of a few squared metres with a minimum yield of 700 grams per plant! Outdoor harvest time is usually around the beginning of October.

As already said; the Mataró Blue is an easy plant to grow, so it's a perfect plant for beginners. It does't need a lot of care, it tolerates high temperatures (often a problem indoors) and it's not vulnerable to fungal diseases. The Mataró Blue is a plant which needs a lot of grow nutrients, but is very tolerant to over- or under-fertilization.

The large buds from this strain are hard and compact and are covered with shiny resin which gives the Mataró Blue a 10+ for Bag Appeal. It will just make you smile from day one. The effect of Mataró Blue when smoked will make you even more happy. The smoke has a very fruity taste and is smooth on the lungs with a strong and long-lasting, powerful high.

Simply said: Mataró Blue from Kannabia Seeds is a cannabis strain that delivers. It's easy to grow, you get a great harvest and it's a fantastic smoke.

Check out this amazing Mataró Blue grow report, our Mataró Blue smoke report and our video 'Roll a Joint - XXXL Mataro Blue'

Strain info

Seed Bank: 


Indica dominant


Blueberry, original Afghan (Mazar-i-Sharif) and Black Domina

Photoperiod / Autoflowering: 


Flowering Time: 

8 - 10 weeks



THC %: 


Award Winner: 


Available As: 

Feminized Seeds


Submitted by Jiggs on
i smoked mataro blue last year when I was in spain at my friend's place. was a nice smoke! i think my friend grow it with feminized seeds. is there a big difference with mataro blue auto?
Submitted by rojas15 on
how can i get some seeds??
Submitted by The Daily Smoker on
You can order them at Kannabia (ó-blue-feminized)
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
i'm seeing two different write-ups about mataro blue. this write-up states that the lineage is blueberry omar-shariff & black domina. what i see now is that it's genetics is blue moonshine and two totally different lineages all together.what is what???
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
must ensure you DONT give more than 14 hours of light per day, not 18/20 that most other autos use, if you light for more than 14 hours the plant will NOT flower but will just keep veg gowin! I also use 5 litre pots, if you use bigger pots the plant may outgrow the tent (if indoor). Like any other auto 1 plant MAY grow much bigger than the others. with ferts you should yield between 28 and 45g's per plant (this is what I get) Great yield, strong smoke and some of the best looking buds out there. Took about 11 weeks from seed. The strongest auto ive smoked. I would also recommend auto ak47
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