OG Kush (Dinafem Seeds)

OG Kush - Dinafem

OG Kush is simply a phenomenon. She's an incredible popular strain in the US and her star is rising fast in Europe.

OG Kush is a great sativa dominant cannabis seed which produces extremely dense nuggets. OG Kush smells and tastes like fuel and will give the smoker an incredible strong high.

Strain info

Seed Bank: 


OG Kush


OG Kush

Photoperiod / Autoflowering: 


Flowering Time: 

8 - 10 weeks



THC %: 


Award Winner: 


Available As: 

Feminized Seeds


Submitted by juanlove on
Got some of this germinating at the moment. Will give a review come cropping time!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
where can i buy og kush seeds?
Submitted by John Dope on
Depending on where you are living you can of course find a website that sells them to your country. So for Dinafem OG Kush seeds, try the Dinafem website.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
vegged four 6" OGK clones for two weeks before fruiting, at which point they were all 16-19" tall, topped three, left the shortest untopped. they're day 11 today, all have stretched between 6-8 inches. already making trichomes on leaves that haven't produced buds yet. i should have premised this with the fact i'm growing in 5 gallons, 8 other dinafem plants, under 2 1000 watt mh/hps. lights on movers in an approx. 44"x80" space. feeding fish emulsion only during veg and continue feeding it with the addition of ginormous by humboldt nutrients, spraying ginormous foliarly for the first 20 or so days until mold becomes a probability.
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