Warlock (Serious Seeds)

Warlock - Magus Genetics

Warlock from Serious Seeds belongs to our 'Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains'!

The Warlock is Indica dominant but it also has some characteristics that are considered Sativa by most people (elongation at flowering, active high, high calyx/leaf ratio).

It is a branchy plant that will form only a few medium sized leaves and a massive amount of flowers so it is easy to manicure. The pistils are clear white when fresh, changing to tan/pink when mature.

The smell is strong and sweet, some even a bit sour (like fresh fruit). The high is mainly 'in the head'

Outdoor harvest (in Holland): Oct/Nov
Yield: medium/good
3rd place High Times Cup Bio 1997

News: Warlock used to be a cannabis strain from the seedbank Magus Genetics. Since May 2011 their cannabis seeds are produced and sold under the flag of Serious Seeds.

Strain info

Seed Bank: 


Indica dominant

Photoperiod / Autoflowering: 


Flowering Time: 

8 - 10 weeks



THC %: 


Award Winner: 

Cannabis Cup

Available As: 

Regular Seeds


Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Having grown Warlock twice, I absolutely love this strain. Good yielder, capable of growing very large colas. Strong but pleasant smoke. Happy to see Serious Seeds taking this strain under their wings!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
This plant is a monster I will be with serious seeds a long time their strains are truely legendary
Submitted by HowardLync (not verified) on
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Submitted by jacky (not verified) on
We do supply the best quality of cannabis , we do supply the verious varietie of strains( Hybrids , Indica and Sativa Strains ) and also seeds and hash oil for treatment . If you are interested in our products do contact us on the following (jackyluke74@gmail.com) and for call (323)-645-0403 or (402)-860-7773 . I will like to inform every one out there , that we are legit and we do carry express delivery and we also carry out overnight delivery .Bellow are few of our products **BLUE HAWAIIAN                                                **HASH TRAIN **MANGO **ORGANIC CITRUS KUSH **OUTDOOR PURPLE CANDY **PURPLE CREEPER **SUPER GREEN BALLS ***BLUE DREAM **OG KUSH **SWEET NIGHTMARE **REDEMPTION SONG **ALPHA BLUE **707 KUSH **7-UP KUSH **AK-47 **BRUCE BANNER #1 **PASSION FRUIT        
Submitted by Tobey (not verified) on
We have beautiful frosty light green nugs with bright orange hairs. strong smell. large nugs a little fluffy smokes bomb, long high will not last at this prices Available flowers in stock now: OG Kush, bouba kush, Sour Diesel, Blueberry , Purple Haze , Purple kush, Grand daddy , Green Crack , White widow , afghan kush and other flowers. we also supply pain pills and other related meds. Email:(bruceschirmer77@gmail.com ) Text 701 354 1841
Submitted by zaferwest (not verified) on
    CALL/TEXT (646) 396-6492 or via Email at (zaferwest500@gmail.com) Hi mate if you need the best buds to get high email us at(brian.salmon447@gmail.com) Bro we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are local and your shit will be delivered to you in less than an hour. These are some of what we have in stuck; we offer discreet delivery and also very fast in it. Medical Marijuana with high THC, Ferminised , pain killers/sleeping meds. Get local deal and we also ship to far destination. Just contact us for more details Medicated Marijuana Green Crack Purple kush Granddaddy purple Sour diesel White widow Afghan kush GDP per gram Northern lights, Sensi Jack herrer OG Kush Black widow White Widow Hawaii-Skunk Hindu Kush Super Silver Haze Real OG Super Skunk Lemon kush Bubba kush Blueberry AK 47 Snow white and many more. contact us using now by CALL/TEXT (646) 396-6492 or via Email at (zaferwest500@gmail.com)
Submitted by zaferwest (not verified) on
CALL/TEXT (646) 396-6492 or via Email at (zaferwest500@gmail.com) We got some very potent strains such as Sour Diesel, GrandDaddy Purple, OG Kush, Green Crack, Purple Kush, Jack Dream, AK-47, Bubba Kush, Bubblegum Kush, Sour OG Kush, Blueberry, Master Kush, Orange Kush,Purple-Skunk, Banana Kush, pineapple express, Night Queen, Big Bud, Purple Haze, Cheese, Blue Dream,White Russia, White Widow, Strawberry Cough? and other great strains,prices are negotiable. We also have cannabis oil for patients. contact; CALL/TEXT (646) 396-6492 or via Email at (zaferwest500@gmail.com)

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