Medicinal Compounds of Cannabis

Medical Marijuana contains over 400 different chemical compounds, of which 80 of them are only found in cannabis. These 80 compounds are known as cannabinoids, they attach to receptors in the brain and spine to induce the effects associated with cannabis.

There are 5 major cannabinoids that help relieve the symptoms of medical conditions. These are THC, CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG. Each strain of medical marijuana has a different composition of these cannabinoids in order to achieve different effects – making each strain more suitable to the treatment of specific conditions. For example, at the top level, even the governing families of cannabis have naturally different levels of each cannabinoid; with sativas often being better for treating psychological conditions and indicas being better for more psychical.

What does THC do?

THC is the most famous cannabinoid present in any cannabis. It stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol. THC acts as a mental stimulant as well as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. It is often the most abundant cannabinoid to be found within sativa strains. Hence their predominantly cerebral effect.  

What does CBD do?

CBD is the most prominent cannabinoid associated with the sedative effects of marijuana. It stand for cannabidiol. CBD actually cancels out the psychoactive effects of THC, meaning that strains with a high CBD content rarely induce a cerebral high. CBD reduces the effects of pain, anxiety and nausea. As mentioned it is sedative and induces what is known as being “stoned”, this is why indica strains are often prescribed for pain and anxiety ect – they are known to have high CBD content.

What does CBN do?

CBN is an analgesic, meaning it reduces the effect of pain. It stands for cannabinol (which is deceptively similar to the full name of CBD). CBN is a result of the breakdown of THC within the cannabis plant and strains with high THC make the effects of CBN stronger. In addition to being an analgesic, it is also associated with having anti-seizure and relieving eye pressure.

What does CBC do?

CBC enhances the effects of THC, making strains with high THC much more potent. It stands for cannabichromene. When used together with THC it also acts as a pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

What does CBG do?

CBG has a purely  physical effect, with no psychoactive properties being present. It stands for cannabigerol and is not usually found in very significant amounts within medical marijuana. CBG is associated with the drowsiness that comes with the sedative effects of cannabis, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve eye pressure.

Most medical marijuana strains will have all 5 cannabinoids to one degree or another. Whilst it is THC and CBD that are the most famous and most present, it is the combination of all 5 that will induce the effects medical users are looking for to maximum efficiency – each of these cannabinoids are much less effective when used by individually. Of the 5, CBN, CBC and CBG are often found in comparatively small amounts to THC and CBD.

Disclaimer: Please note, we are not doctors nor are we qualified to give medical advice. We cannot accept any responsibility should your experience of medical marijuana differ in any way from what is described in this article. The above information is based on the experience of others, we have not conducted our own medical research. If you want to be sure, please ask your doctor.


Submitted by R mueller (not verified) on
Your info on medical seeds,was very imforming, My wife had a brain Anerusym,back in 2007, She is looking fo somthing to help with her migranes   Thanks again R M  
Submitted by Juana (not verified) on
  I have been using Medical Marijuana for 5 years.  I knew the Indica took away the pain I have with back and knee problems, as well as other arthritis pains, but didn't know why until now.  Thank you.   The pain levels were dibilitating for me, where use of the Indica was like putting a 'cap on the needle of pain'.  I could tell the pain/problem was still there, but I was able to be human again - accomplishing chores/projects and being sociable.  The occasional hybrid of Indica dominant is specifically helpful on high anxiety/stress days, (I also care for son with brain injury resulting in shortened memory & anger outbursts).    Recently, I have been able to get the doctors to find the real problem with my back, and have received an epidural which has been most effective over the Rx drugs I had been given.  I still use the Indica for the back pain spasms I still have, and find the effects are within 5-10 minutes, allowing me to continue with household chores.  I don't plan on having back or knee surgery, so medical marijuana is a long term drug use for me.  Rx pain meds cause several side effects for me, so they are off my list in exchange for natural pain relief.  Like any medication, patients should be aware of over doing the medication.  Learn what is needed and when to stop.  
Submitted by bs (not verified) on
''Medical Marijuana contains over 400 different chemical compounds, of which 80 of them are only found in cannabis. '' plz that is total nonsense:D  if you dont know what the hell your are writing about why write at all
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