Rolling Papers ''The Daily Smoker' Now Available!

Daily Smoker - Rolling Video

In our 'rolling videos' on YouTube we use our own rolling papers. Lately we got a serious amount of requests on how and where to get them.

Well, it was almost impossible to get your hands on them. Until now... Finally we're able to get our rolling papers out there. We have king size rolling papers and king size rolling papers + roaches inside the pack. Damn handy!

The rolling papers are now available at our friends at Zamnesia; the best online shop for stoners...

Thanks for watching and keep rollin'..!!

Daily Smoker Rolling Papers King Size

Daily Smoker Rolling Papers + Roaches


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I have been wanting to buy your paper but you don't ship to the United States of America i love what you guys do but whats the whole point if i cant buy.
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... Here. Loved the vids & was looking to buy 3 or 4 packs, + a few other goodies I needed to. Then find out they don't ship to one of the biggest markets in the world, rapidly becoming more so with states legalizing medical marijuana. Guess I'll have to stick with different papers & companies who DO ship world-wide.
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