420 celebrity

Snoop Lion

Have you also noticed how Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion and heard rumors that he claims to be done with rapping?

Yeah I guess I have never been much of a believer but it sure is good to have a friend to help me carry my precious herbs.


German cannabis flag

Barack Obama doesn’t really deny he has smoked in his previous life, while Bill Clinton says he ‘didn’t inhale’. But a few days ago Martin Lindner, aGerman politician of the pro-business Free Democrats in parliament, showed the world he at least has some real balls and took a drag of a joint on live television!

Samuel L. Jackson wants us all to smoke some... and yes, i do agree with him. Have a blazing weekend!

Bryan Lewis Saunders

I guess we all know I like to smoke weed. And sure, I have also experimented in with various other mind blowing goodies my days. But I came across Bryan Lewis Saunders, an artist who took this experimenting a interesting step further. This dude has been doing a project where he paints a self portrait everyday for more than 16 years already and then came with a ‘genius’ idea; painting a self portrait everyday while being on a different drug every day. One might think it is a crazy idea and another might think it’s a great idea, but I must say that the outcome I saw is really beautiful.

Angel Raich

Do you remember Angel Raich? She is the famous activist who took the Federal Government to court in 2004 and 2005 and now in 2012 is dying from a brain tumor. Well, UCSF, a hospital in the States that researches the efficiency of Marijuana in pain-relief, has decided to kick Angel Raich out of their facility for smoking Marijuana last Monday when she was at UCSF for some tests and a doctor or some pharmacist walked in on her smoking a vaporizer. We are wondering if the hospitals management has lost their minds or where they pretty high on something themselves?

Paul McCartney has finally decided to quit smoking pot.

As everybody knows, a large amount of all the hits by The Beatles have been  written under the influence of drugs and especially Beatle member Paul McCartney has been known for his passion for marijuana and his openness about his drug abuse over the years.

Paul McCartney has told that the first joint he ever smoked was in the 60’s with the legendary Bob Dylan. In the period after that followed a usage of cocaine, LSD and many other illegal substances. Although Paul McCartney has always claimed his drug use was not excessive, he has been in contact with the law for drug related affairs many times.