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south park legalize

Holy shit! For many years we have been waiting for the moment and nothing happens, then you turn your head and all of a sudden two states in the US legalize cannabis! WTF?!? Of course in some states it is already prohibited to smoke marijuana for medicinal use but now in both Colorado and Washington voters have managed to get the majority to vote for legalization. I would say that after more than 75 years of bullshit around this wonderful plant, this is a historical moment …. I am speechless. Growing and selling will be regulated, people over 21 will be able to buy up to one ounce of weed at a shop and you will allowed to grow up to 6 plants for personal use... Wait a minute….  fuck me sideways and call me Nancy… one ounce??  That is about 28 grams! While here in Amsterdam we are allowed to buy only up to 5 grams!  That is if this new weed-pass system is not going to go in effect in Amsterdam.

Cannabis Festival

A great cannabis festival organized in Amsterdam this Sunday, the 17th of June! The government of the Netherlands is changing the drug laws and the people are angry. We have informed you about the new system, banning tourists from Dutch cannabis café’s and obligating local citizens to register as a pot smoker to be able to purchase their favorite herb. The new laws will be put into effect nationwide in 2013, but in the South of the country they have already gone into effect.

Yes! Our war for the legalization of cannabis has an official new supporter! This time it’s the one we are hoping to have enough power to make a real difference in our ongoing war. It is the famous hacker group “Anonymous” that has announced to launch a big campaign dedicated to the legalization of marijuana. “Anonymous” is of course well known for their actions to help Wikileaks and for recently attacking the websites of DOJ, FBI, Universal Music, MPAA and RIAA after the MegaUpload takedown. Already for some time there were rumors about this group wanting to use their cyber-power to campaign against the war on drugs and now it seems that the group has begun the Phase 1 of the campaign we have all been waiting for.

Cannabis Events 2012

Yes, we have finally done it; we have managed to update the Cannabis Events list for 2012.