420 hypocrisy

Yeah I guess this guy really got the right idea... f*ck the army, let's just lay in the grass and get high!


Just when we think we have heard it all we heard about this seriously crazy story about an 11-year-old girl who got kicked out of her school orchestra for not willing to participate in a drug test. WTF… We thought that this must concern a joke but it seems to be really true; the authorities of the Solanco School District have apparently lost their mind.

Do you remember the story we posted some time ago of the 2 year old that was treated with marijuana to beat his brain tumor? If it would be up to those ignorant law-makers, this kid would be still suffering and probably would never have the chance to live his life as a normal boy while the latest news on now 3-year-old Cash Hyde is that he is cancer-free for the second time and his father thanks marijuana for this miracle. The parents are claiming that if they would have listened to the doctors, their son would probably have died within 5 years, as the condition of his brain tumor was so bad and was unlikely to shrink with the radiation therapy Cash was getting. His father has broken state and federal laws by giving his son cannabis oil to treat the pain and side effects that come with such severe chemo treatments and has helped the tumor to fully disappear.

Angel Raich

Do you remember Angel Raich? She is the famous activist who took the Federal Government to court in 2004 and 2005 and now in 2012 is dying from a brain tumor. Well, UCSF, a hospital in the States that researches the efficiency of Marijuana in pain-relief, has decided to kick Angel Raich out of their facility for smoking Marijuana last Monday when she was at UCSF for some tests and a doctor or some pharmacist walked in on her smoking a vaporizer. We are wondering if the hospitals management has lost their minds or where they pretty high on something themselves?