Prince Charles A Pot Smoker?

It has been known that Royal Family member Queen Victoria has once claimed that she used Cannabis in the past to ease period pains. But according to the latest news Prince Charles has shown his compassion for patients suffering from MS. Prince Charles was visiting a day care centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, when he met with Karen Drake, aged 36 and a long time MS patient who is bound to a wheelchair because of her horrible illness.

Snoop Dogg Arrested For Marijuana Possession And Facing 180 Days In The Joint?

Many of us have often wondered how he does it. Every time you see the famous rapper and chronic blunt-smoker Snoop Dogg on tv, or anywhere for that matter, he is smoking cannabis. Well unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, the border control agents of checkpoint Sierra Blanca, Texas, where not so pleased when their drug sniffing dogs found some weed on Snoop Doggs’ touring bus last weekend.

Charas In Parvati Valley, Northern India (Great Vid!)

Parvati Valley in northern India is a place where the finest hashish of the world comes from. The 'Manali Cream' is known all over the world for its incredible and amazing quality. I had the luck to visit that area in The Himalayas a few years ago and one of my goals while being there was to score some of that famous 'Charas'. Well, that was not difficult, trust me, it's all over the place. The people in that area are very poor and the cultivation and production of hashish gives them the possibility to make a better living for themselves.

Tourist Ban On Dutch Coffeeshops To Start In May, 2012

New legislation to ban non-Dutch residents from coffeeshops in the south of The  Netherlands should be enforced no later than May 1 next year, the Dutch justice ministry said yesterday.

Cannabis And Muscle Spasms

"People with multiple sclerosis and other diseases that cause severe muscle spasms, spasticity and tremors have used cannabis for a very long time, and have consistently reported that it relie