Complete legalization in California?

When it comes to worldwide drug policy, the US is a leading country. What they do, other countries will most likely follow.

Parents you can count on

Would your mom do this for you?

Show some dedication

Uhhmmm, OK… I don’t know what to think about this one.

In the name of science

Every now and then a 'study' appears that shows us how dangerous cannabis use is.

Top 10 common myths about cannabis

I don't agree 100% with them, but still a nice one...

Cannabis field in Afghanistan

Somehow I can't find any cheap last-minute flights to Afghanistan, otherwise I would have been there by now...

You could have left me some

A man who claimed to have smoked cannabis from the age of nine criticised North Yorkshire Police's attitude towards him when he appeared before magistrates in Harrogate.

What would Jesus do?

US customs officials have arrested a woman allegedly trying to smuggle 13 kilograms of marijuana into the United States hidden in framed pictures of