Spanish Town Wants To Grow Weed To Boost Economy

As the economic crisis is hitting Spain really hard, a small pittoresque village called Rasquera came up with a great plan to increase their income; growing weed. The small village that has a population of only 900 people would gain jobs for at least 40 people and the financial injection it would give could save the town from the big recession it is in at the moment. The village is located in Catalonia where an organization called ABCDA has been fighting against criminalization and social stigmatization of cannabis consumers for many years.

Heather Donahue Changes Career To Pot Growing

Heather Donahue, a star from the movie ´The Blair Witch Project´ quit her acting career, so she could become a pot grower.

Pastor Arrested For Growing Marijuana

"...The pastor of a West Warwick parish was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of conspiracy and cultivating more than 100 marijuana plants

Medical Marijuana Market Huge And Growing

The size of the US medical marijuana market is $1.7 billion, and that figure is likely to increase in coming years, according to