First Hemp Harvest in US in More than 50 Years

This October is a momentous month for hemp, and the cannabis community as a whole. The first “legal” harvest of hemp in almost 60 years is taking place in south east Colorado, USA. Last year both the states of Colorado and Washington both voted in favor of legalizing the cannabis for recreational use. Through this legislation, the restrictions placed on those wanting to grow its more psychoactively inert sister plant, hemp, have also been removed.

Ancient Hemp Papermaking Vanishes in China

"Because the paper is totally natural, the ink goes well with the paper and the paper is durable and can be kept for as long as a thousand years."

Hemp is the most useful plant known to mankind.

Expensive Hemp Rug

A rug made of hemp worth $35.575? It exists.

Could Hemp Help Nuclear Clean-Up In Japan?

"...A technique called "phytoremediation" uses certain plants to leech these elements from the soil. Guess which one is one of the best at that task?..."

The Kestrel
Hemp house wins construction prize

I want a house like this. Preferably in the centre of Amsterdam.