Medical Marijuana Kills

Well, if you need a transplant that is. Norman Smith has cancer and has been using medical marijuana. Doctors told him he has about 90 days to live if nothing will be done.

Marc Emery's Advice For Aspiring Activists

Marc Emery, the Canadian marijuana activist who's in a US prison right now, receives many letters from aspiring activists.

Not even 48 hours after we posted news about Snoop Dogg being arrested in Texas for Marijuana possession, another crazy story about the Texan law reaches us. This time it is about a 22-year old medical marijuana patient that had been arrested on October 30th in Austin, Texas while carrying a small amount of medicinal marijuana and hash on him.

Christopher Diaz, who is suffering from severe asthma, moved to California with his family in order to find medical treatment for his disease and even became a member of the THC Ministry.  

Moderate Cannabis Smoking Does Not Cause Lung Damage

For years and years we had to listen to the story that cannabis smokers had a much bigger chance to get lung damage than tobacco smokers. The claim was that cannabis smokers inhale deeper and hold their breath much longer than the average cigarette smoker. This process, combined with the fumes of the joint being extremely hot, would lead to a greater deal of damage to the lungs than cigarette smoking.

But, oh, the contrary!

Snoop Dogg Arrested For Marijuana Possession And Facing 180 Days In The Joint?

Many of us have often wondered how he does it. Every time you see the famous rapper and chronic blunt-smoker Snoop Dogg on tv, or anywhere for that matter, he is smoking cannabis. Well unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, the border control agents of checkpoint Sierra Blanca, Texas, where not so pleased when their drug sniffing dogs found some weed on Snoop Doggs’ touring bus last weekend.

Cats And Dogs Like Marijuana Too

"...As the availability of medical marijuana has increased, so too has the likelihood of animals exposing themselves to it.

Anti-Marijuana Hysteria Never Made Sense

"...What does not make sense is the anti-marijuana sentiment that pervades Washington, D.C., specifically and law enforcement in general.