Obama’s Assault On Medical Marijuana Laws

"...He’s serious about it. This is not the usual “wink of the eye” position the public has grown accustomed to hearing from politicians on the issue.

Quick Fruit - AC Genetics (autoflowering)

When it comes to the size of pots for cannabis plants, the general rule is 'The Bigger, The Better'. And that's correct when you have a lot of space. The bigger the pot, the more roots your plant can make, the bigger your plant will get, the bigger your harvest will be. Simple. But sometimes there's not a lot of space available, or maybe you just don't want to get some giant plants. So what happens when you put a seed in an extremely small pot? Well, Jiggs put a seed of an autoflowering 'Quick Fruit' from 'AC Genetics' in one of his traditional beer glasses (0.5 liter) and he created the coolest 'Bonsai' cannabis plant ever. Plant grows a firm, sweet and sticky cola and reaches a height of only 29.5 cm!