Medical Marijuana Kills

Well, if you need a transplant that is. Norman Smith has cancer and has been using medical marijuana. Doctors told him he has about 90 days to live if nothing will be done.

Cannabis And Muscle Spasms

"People with multiple sclerosis and other diseases that cause severe muscle spasms, spasticity and tremors have used cannabis for a very long time, and have consistently reported that it relie

Medical Marijuana Reduces Traffic Fatalities

A 9 percent drop in traffic fatalities and a 5 percent drop in beer sales were observed in states where cannabis is legal, according to a study conducted by economics professors at 2 different univ

California Marijuana Sellers Fear Federal Clampdown

"Dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries in California have been ordered to close from Saturday, as a federal crackdown looms.

Legal Medical Marijuana Doesn't Encourage Kids to Smoke More Pot

"Despite warnings from opponents of medical marijuana, legalizing the drug for medical purposes

Obama’s Assault On Medical Marijuana Laws

"...He’s serious about it. This is not the usual “wink of the eye” position the public has grown accustomed to hearing from politicians on the issue.

Did Cannabis Prohibition Kill Steve Jobs?

"...Unfortunately, Jobs was told if it didn't work and he tested positive for cannabis,

Medical Marijuana Market Huge And Growing

The size of the US medical marijuana market is $1.7 billion, and that figure is likely to increase in coming years, according to