Scratch and Sniff Cards for Dutch Citizens

A new scheme has been set up in the Netherlands in an attempt to crack down on illegal marijuana cultivation. Although only a pilot scheme right now, the government is planning to roll out scratch and sniff cards that smell of weed to all of its citizens. The idea behind this plan is to allow the citizens of the Netherlands to become acquainted with the smell, in hopes that they will be able to recognize the illegal plantations around them – allowing them to do their “patriotic” duty and report it to the police. The card itself reads “Scratch, sniff and help. With this cannabis-scented card you will recognize the smell of marijuana cultivation.”

Day 1 of Banning Tourists from Dutch Coffeeshops

So it has finally happened; the first day of banning tourists from buying their beloved herb in the Southern cities of the Netherlands has come. From now on visitors need to have a ' wietpas' to be able to enter a coffeeshop. And this new rule states that only residents of the Netherlands can register for this so called “weedpass”. Today has been a very hectic day in coffeeshop-land as in many cities the new rule created confusion and chaos. In Maastricht, a city close to the border of Belgium only one shop opened its doors in the morning just to refuse the first tourist their entrance to the facility. This of course resulted in angry foreigners who then went in a big march to the local police station to report a case of discrimination. All other coffeeshops in Maastricht didn't open their doors at all out of protest.

Police Raids Cannabis Cup In Amsterdam

Holy crap. And that's the end of the Cannabis Cup as we all know it... Yesterday the police raided the Cannabis Cup Expo in Amsterdam.

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam for locals only?

If the new government of The Netherlands gets its way, coffeeshops will be for locals only in the futu