Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are getting more and more popular every day. Many growers were convinced that autoflowering seeds were just a hype and would disappear from the market again after a while, mainly due a lack of quality. But these days the genetics of autoflowering seeds are getting quite impressive and lots of growers are starting to get convinced about the special qualities of these cannabis varieties. Because of the growing popularity of autoflowering marijuana seeds, we made our own 'Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds!'*

The Daily Smoker's Pick of 'Best Autoflowering Seeds':


Critical Jack AutofloweringCritical Jack Autoflowering - Dinafem Seeds

As the name suggests, this is a blend of the famous Jack Herer by the Sensi Seed Bank and the not less well-known Critical+, a cross of Big Bud and Skunk which won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona by the way. By amalgamating those two legendary varieties Dinafem created a plant that gained popularity very quickly and became one of the most sought cannabis in Spain within only two years. Critical Jack Autoflowering unites the high yields and strength of the Critical+ and the power and long lasting pleasant effect of Jack Herer and adds the autoflowering trait of Roadrunner to the mix. The outcome is a variety that reaches only 60-90cm in height, but produces decent yields and requires only 70 days from germination to harvest. Critical Jack Autoflowering is not the best choice for beginners because she calls for perfect conditions to produce the most possible amount of buds, but the quality is always top notch. The hard and dense buds are totally covered in resin and have an intensely sweet flavor with hints of frankincense and citrus when smoked after proper curing. The THC level of Critical Jack Autoflowering is among the highest you will ever find - namely 21% that will rock your boat with a seriously psychoactive experience. Read more


AutoBlueberryAutoBlueberry - Dutch Passion

AutoBlueberry was one of the very first autoflowering varieties Dutch Passion released (or, looking at its potential, the better term is probably "unleashed") and although many have followed, it is still one of the most beloved variety among connoisseurs. AutoBlueberry has been created through a careful breeding process in which Dutch Passion crossed a very special Blueberry female with an autoflowering Indica dominant variety, before starting a selective back-crossing process until the F4 generation resulted in a fully automatic Blueberry; then the F4 line was self-pollinated to create the F5 seeds. AutoBlueberry normally grows from seedling to harvest in about 10-11 weeks, yielding something in the range of 50-75g for the average grower (more seasoned cultivators utilizing hydroponic systems sometimes give her up to 14 weeks to achieve even higher yields). She will often display blue hues in the buds near harvesting time and especially if she is exposed to slightly lower temperatures. One reason why it became so famous is pretty obvious, it is the flavor that resembles the original Blueberry. The other reason is the potential to produce incredible yields in advanced set-ups like deep water cultures in which the plants can reach 160+cm in 20 liter pots. If you can supply plenty of light this is a variety which can deliver 200g+ per plant (and that is very likely not the ultimate limit). But he best flavor is still achieved in soil and if trimmed properly, she can produce buds that have the length of an underarm and the girth of a very well-trained upper-arm. For the best yields in soil it is recommended to grow her in a SCROG system, because this will allow each bud to swell to the optimum size and to generate the typical fruity aroma and flavor which made this variety so popular and highly sought-after. The buds are rock solid and the aroma is really hashy with the distinctive blueberry scent mixed in; they are filled to the brim with resin and are fully loaded with the potential to end your daytime routine. Although the THC level of 7-14% may seem only moderate, it is not the best choice as a daytime smoke because of the extreme Indica power; it not only can, but WILL slow you down and the effect lasts for hours. It is the perfect choice for the end of a stressy day; when you want to call it a day and long for a cap of sleep, she will take you in a pleasant, yet strong embrace and squeeze all the tension from your body and relax and sedate you in a cozy and comfortable way until you can not resist the call of your pillow anymore. Read more


VertigoVertigo - Paradise Seeds

Vertigo is an outstanding autoflowering cannabis variety from Paradise Seeds. It's a crossing between a Cannabis ruderalis and a fine indica/sativa hybrid. The seeds from Vertigo come from the third generation of breeding and this resulted in a very stable and reliable autoflowering marijuana strain. Vertigo produces an outstanding amount of thick, hard and resinous buds with an intense fruity flavour. The effect is strong, but relaxed. Vertigo can reach a height of 1 meter, sometimes even a bit taller, which is quite tall for an autoflowering cannabis variety. Vertigo is also one of the quickest autoflowering strains on the market. Vertigo can already be harvested after 60 days, so it's a perfect strain for the commercial growers. With Vertigo Paradise Seeds has put its name on the map of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Read more


Rapid AfghanRapid Afghan - AC Genetics

The second autoflowering variety of AC Genetics in our Top 5. Rapid Afghan is a crossing between Lowryder #2 and an Afghan x Skunk hybrid. We had extremely good results this year with an outdoor crop of Rapid Afghan. Even though we had a bad summer, the Rapid Afghan did extremely well outdoors. While the conditions were far from optimum, the Rapid Afghan formed large, resinous colas with the typical Afghan smell. The taste and effect were surprisingly good and totally convinced us of the quality of the Rapid Afghan. We would love to hear from someone who has experience with growing the Rapid Afghan indoors. Read more

Not in our Top 5, but a well-deserved Honorable mention for:


Lowryder #2Lowryder #2 - The Joint Doctor

The Lowryder #2 is a strain from 'The Joint Doctor' and is the sequel of the famous Lowryder #1, which was the first commercial autoflowering cannabis strain on the market. To create Lowryder #2 a Lowryder #1 was crossed with the exotic Santa Maria from Brazil. The result was an autoflowering cannabis strain with a better taste, a better high and a bigger yield than the original Lowryder #1. While the Lowryder #1 was not a huge success due a lack of quality, the Lowryder #2 changed the opinion of many growers around the world. Thanks to the popularity of Lowryder #2 many (professional) breeders started to experiment with autoflowering cannabis varieties. These days most marijuana seed banks have one or more autoflowering cannabis strains in their catalogue and almost all of them use the Lowryder #2 as their starting point in their quest to come up with the best autoflowering strain. To be honest, most autoflowering strains from other seed banks who used the Lowryder #2 succeeded to create new autoflowering strains which are actually better in taste, effect and yield than the Lowryder #2. That's the reason the Lowryder #2 is not in our Top 5, but Lowryder #2 wrote some serious history though, so out of huge respect for the Lowryder #2 and its breeder 'The Joint Doctor' it definitely deserves an Honorable mention in our Top 5 of Autoflowering cannabis strains. Read more

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* This list is totally based on our own experience and the experience from people whose opinion makes sense to us. Although we do have a lot of experience together, our experience is still limited. Some autoflowering marijuana seeds are not even able to get on this list (for now), simply because we, or anyone we know, have any experience with those seeds. The fact we're positive about the autoflowering seeds mentioned above doesn't mean we have anything negative to mention about any of the other autoflowering seeds out there. So you know...

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Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
"To create Lowryder #2 a Lowryder #1 was crossed with the exotic Santa Maria from Brazil". Santa Marta is also known as "Planck" a long time staple Dutch commercial clone. The Joint Doctor developed LR1 and LR2, pretty much everybody else ripped off his work to make their own Autos. The JD's AK, the 3rd ever Auto was made by a friend of his at his request, these people are called Grass o Matic. Stitch is the other guy who should be mentioned, a true Auto pioneer.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I've grown one plant indoors and one small crop outdoors of this, and in my opinion, Nirvanas Northern Lights Auto is the shit. Cant remember anything but oohs and ahhs from anyone else that ever tried it either. Really high mold resistance outdoors (I grow in Norway, where the weather is really, really shitty) and indoors it seemed to take just about any amount of fert I could throw at her. Good yeild, especially outdoors, where they went to knee-height, with about 50g off of each plant. The one girl I grew under lights needed a few hours darkness to start flowering and the ones I put in the forrest last year went into flowering maybe two weeks after a couple of hours night-time darkness, so I think maybe they need a few hours of night (around 4) before they start showing pubes. So, Nirvana NL Auto is maybe not a 'pure' auto, but the girls get bigger because they get a bit of vegging in before flowering. But IFwXna your'e cool with larger 'semi-autos', then the only negative aspect I can think of this plant, is that whereas NL is usually easy to trim, this version is definately not. It has much smaller and leafier buds than photoperiod NL and is thus a total bitch to trim. But for potency, mold resistance and yeild, I recomend it. Even if you grow outdoors somewhere silly like Norway.
Submitted by john smith (not verified) on
There are only 5 here and it's supposed to be a top 10.
Submitted by brandon (not verified) on
theres only 4 and a Honorable mention lol wtf someones been hitting the bong to hard
Submitted by John Doe (not verified) on
Typical stoners... totally forgot that they needed 5 more strains to make this a Top 10 list.
Submitted by southernfried420 (not verified) on
Top ten huh? what about thc bomb and amnesia haze and super lemon haze all in autoflower now as well as white lsd.widow.rhino.etc.etc.wait a minute how fuckin old is this list whoops ha ha ha ha
Submitted by southernfried420 (not verified) on
of course how could i forget northern lights which represents everything an auto shud be short stocky uniform resiliant potent fast and oh yeah pretty goddamn tasty but hell these days bout any top shelf strain is in auto form
Submitted by arisbens medica... (not verified) on
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Submitted by dontree420 (not verified) on
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Submitted by Ian Malcolm (not verified) on
Hi i am lookin fr some advice. I want to grow a wee crop for personal. Av never grown before and i want to grow in my hut. I stay in scotland. Can u recommend something that is an easy to grow autoflower with good potency and also a reputable seller cheers

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