Top 10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Cannabis Seed Banks are popping up everywhere. While surfing the internet, you may get overwhelmed by those hundreds of different cannabis strains from dozens and dozens of different seed banks. So what to choose? Which ones are the best? Here's a list with 10 cannabis seed banks that belong in our* Top 10.

The Daily Smoker's Pick of 'Best Seed Banks':


Serious SeedsSerious Seeds

All cannabis strains in the catalogue of Serious Seeds should be taken seriously indeed. Originally Serious Seeds had 'only' five strains in their catalogue, however since May of 2011 all seeds from the seedbank Magus Genetics are also produced and sold under the flag of Serious Seeds. This makes a total catalogue of 10 strains! From Bubble Gum To Warlock, from AK-47 to Exile. What a dream to have a garden with all those strains growing at once! Someday we will. You simply can't go wrong with Serious Seeds... Read more


Mr. Nice SeedsMr. Nice Seedbank

The breeders behind Mr. Nice Seeds have an enormous reputation in the world of cannabis genetics. Shantibaba as well as Neville are responsible for a serious amount of award-winning cannabis strains in the last few decades, and together with the famous Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) they're responsible for the seed company 'Mr. Nice Seeds'.  Some of the strains they created in the past are: Northern Lights No. 5, NL5 x Haze, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino, and White Shark. That's what we call 'Nice Work..!' Read more


Royal Queen SeedsRoyal Queen Seeds

It seems that Royal Queen Seeds picked the right name when they started breeding cannabis as all the seeds in their collection definitely deserve to be called Royal. In the last decade Royal Queen Seeds has grown to be one of those trustworthy producers from whom you know that you can expect quality. They have proven that their many years of experience have made them in specialists that produce great seeds and in the last years Royal Queen Seeds has earned awards for most of their strains and taken prizes home from any competition or fair they attended. Read more

Dinafem SeedsDinafem Seeds

Dinafem is the largest cannabis seedbank from Spain with an incredible seed catalog. Dinafem Seeds operates in a rigorous, innovative and affectionate approach to provide their customers with the very best quality of feminized cannabis seeds. From their roots as growers, they have explored the genetic makeup of many plants to produce their very own cannabis seeds, treasured throughout the world. Dinafem Seeds is extremely cautious with the selection of their seeds. All seeds are mechanically and manually cleaned. Seeds are classified by size and only the very best are chosen. Dinafem Seeds has 29 cannabis strains in their catalog, including some very interesting autoflowering cannabis strains. Just to name a few of their cannabis strains: Moby Dick, Critical Jack, Industrial Plant, Super Critical Haze, White Siberian, Sweet Deep Grapefruit, Roadrunner, Haze Automatic. Read more


Paradise SeedsParadise Seeds

Paradise Seeds is one of Amsterdam's oldest and most favourite seedbanks out there. Since 1994 they have constantly worked on improving their genetics. And with lots of success for sure if you take a look at all the cannabis cups (25+) they have won in that period! All cannabis seeds from Paradise Seeds are produced organically and contain all the necessary trace elements for a perfect start. Paradise Seeds is a company that puts its love and pride in what they know best: cannabis genetics. Read more


DNA GeneticsDNA Genetics

Don and Aron from California have been growing cannabis since the 80's, but founded their company DNA Genetics in 2003 with good-old Amsterdam as their Headquarters. They quickly gained international attention and recognition for introducing some very interesting genetics, such as L.A. Confidential, Chocolope and Sleestack. As result DNA Genetics has won an impressive amount of international cannabis awards in a very short period. DNA Genetics is going fast and they show no signs of slowing down! Read more


Dutch PassionDutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the most famous brands in the world of cannabis seeds. The company was founded in 1987 and wrote some serious cannabis history when they introduced their revolutionary 'feminized seeds' in 1998. This made it possible to grow strictly female plants out of seeds. All other 'feminized' seedbanks have followed their footsteps ever since. Dutch Passion is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Read more


Sensi SeedsSensi Seeds

For well over two decades, Sensi Seeds has been preserving, interbreeding and collecting exotic, fascinating strains of the best cannabis in the world, from almost every region where cannabis can be found. They simply have an amazing catalogue with a wide variety of cannabis genetics. Sensi Seeds is also located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Read more


T.H. SeedsT.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds is another seedbank from Amsterdam. It was established in 1993 and quickly gained an excellent reputation among experienced growers. Customers have always been satisfied with the consistency and quality of their seeds. T.H. Seeds has always been on the cutting edge of the New School Canabis Genetics, and they surely are motivated to keep on doing so. Some of their famous strains are: S.A.G.E., Chocolate Chunk, Heavy Duty Fruity, Kushage and The Hog. Read more

Big Buddha SeedsBig Buddha Seeds

Home of the Big Buddha Cheese; one of our most favourite strains of all times. We simply love Cheese and Big Buddha Seeds offers an impressive strainlist with many Cheese varieties. Now that's winning. And that's just what Big Buddha Seeds did with their Cheese strains at several cannabis award shows all over the world. Big Buddha Seeds is located in the UK. Read more

* This list is totally based on our own experience and the experience from people whose opinion makes sense to us. Although we do have a lot of experience together, our experience is still limited. Some marijuana seed banks are not even able to get on this list (for now), simply because we, or anyone we know, have any experience with those seed banks. The fact we're positive about the companies mentioned above doesn't mean we have anything negative to mention about any of the other seed companies. So you know...

And you can always leave a comment of course...


Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
How can this be someones Top 10? I miss the big companies who won all the Cannabis Cups??? Such as Green House and Barney's Farm...?????
Submitted by Jiggs on
I'm sorry if I wake up some peoples dreams... For me, the Cannabis Cup doesn't mean anything. Really, absolutely nothing... There are more than 100 seed banks and only a very small part of them participate in the Cannabis Cup, so the majority of these companies are not even able to win a Cup. Besides that, the Cannabis Cup is all about Marketing, not Quality. The one with the biggest wallet wins... Year in, Year out...
Submitted by Headshiver on
Still a nice party though!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Thats bullshit, the only nice party is the one involving bulgarian gas masks!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
no you both full of shit.... i bet 1of you could suck start a harley! lol
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
hey i want to buy online but must of that banks dont deliver to my country Ecuador any advice
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Attitude seeds great just shipping is kinda expensive it will cost you like 20- 30 bucks for shipping but its garunteed it gets to your house
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I agree totally
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Cup winners dont mean anything. And Dutch-passion seeds kick-ass on Big-buddah seeds. But heres my top 10 (1) De sjamaan seeds (2)Dutch passion seeds (3)sensi seeds (4) serious seeds (5)Greenhouse seeds (6)Mandala seeds (7)Big buddha seeds (8)female seeds (9)TH seeds (10)mr nice seeds
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
With companies like Dutch Passion and Sensi seeds still at the top of the list, while companies like TGA subcool and Reserva Privada are not even included, I'm led to believe that this list is incredibly old or was created by an inexperienced grower. Greenhouse seeds? Really? Trash.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I've grown several of their strains and was sorry that I wasted my time and money. Trash.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
LOL @ Greenhouse
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
maybe you had a bad experience i grew there jack herer and kings kush and was verry happy with both
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Excellent list. I enjoyed it.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
This is some help. Got to do some research. After going to several different sites. Every body has appoin. Thank gods, that people express them self. What maybe there favor it or heard something good about another company. You cant go wrong lessioning to others or just wanting advice. Sites like this help weed out fakes, losers, money grubbing basterds. So thanks. William
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
The hands down best seed bank can be found at http://... (deleted by Admin). There people were great, my order was taking too long so they reshippedafter 12 days only to have my original package arrive the next day, there was a computer glitch that told them my parcel was lost in dutch post. I offered to pay but they simply said our mistake, dont worry/. Awsome freaking people, dman good company/ Comment is edited by Admin: Go away with your spam, dude...
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Greenhouse seeds should be up there, good genetics at low prices.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
wow you have no idea. low prices yes, good genetics? don't make me laugh try a real breeder for a change en see the difference.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I am new to cultivating on this scale. What im wondering more than anything is where should i buy my seeds? I went through the original sensible seed company. I got white widow auto flowering, pakistan ryder, and purple haze. All auto flowering, but i have had them wrapped up in a paper towel in a zip lock bag with spring water in the bag.. Took 2 weeks just for them to start to crack and week three there almost to the point to put into humidome.... Hopefully could take another week. Is it the seeds, or the type of seed like auto flowering all femenized? The auto flowering are supposed to go right into flowering stage pretty much? So do they take a month to germinate. Am i doing things wrong??? Any imformation would help. Oh and room temp is always 70 degree. Should i just turn around and reinvest into new seeds and if so who should get my business??
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Never tried auto's but for feminized seeds I have always dropped in a small childrens medicene cup full of distilled water and I have had a 99 percent success rate with them crackin within 1 to 2 days. Give her a whirl
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
is barneys seeds overrated??
Submitted by The Daily Smoker on
I don't know if they're overrated. But I live in Amsterdam and have visited the Barney's Farm coffeeshop a few times and I have never been impressed by the quality (wasn't bad either also btw). Barney's Farm has won a bunch of Cannabis Cups in the past, but that doesn't mean shit to me. Cannabis Cups from High Times are overrated for sure. The one who puts the most money in it wins... Cannabis Cups have nothing to do with quality, only with marketing. My 2 cents...
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Sorry I'm not familiar with the biology of this...I would like to grow weed to smoke(or vape) and grow hemp to make Rick Simpson's hemp oil. Can anyone here fill me in on how to go about this. Which seeds do you buy to grow smokeable THC potent weed? And which seeds do you want to make hemp oil for healing purposes? Thanks a lot.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
sorry two more questions to add. 1. Which seeds are best for indoor growing? 2. What does auto flowering mean? Thanks again.
Submitted by shawncho (not verified) on
I'm gonna hafta say wtf? I read Dj sjaman was on somebodys list that's the worst place ive used ever and becuz of the prices I tried 5 strains not 1 smokeable bud all hermies or nothing. Green house is better u get bud that is all bitter and fem seeds half were males. I used them more bcuz it looked good so ordered mode b4 I sampled the swagweed seeds. my list from 9 years of trial and error and using different places to be sure. #1 TGA Subcool, #2 TH seeds, #3 DNA Genetics #4 Sensing, #5 Soma #6 Serious #7.Sannies #8. CaliConnection #9. Deliscious and #10. a tie between Samsara, Female, Barneys, G-13 labs, positronics and Dutch passion. I recently ordered from paradise, Rare Dankness, Big Buddha and KC Brains and got free Sagramatha and Ripper seeds they were recommended. Have used Nirvana and Dinafem B4 their worthy but only Nirvanas Raspberry Cough was strong tasty herb. Sweet seeds let me down twice leafy strains impossible to manicure looked good though. I got a strawberry Kush strain from flying dutchmen I think it was nice. Hope I could help and update the list (Big Buddha LA cheese soon :)
Submitted by rere (not verified) on
LOL what did you do go through and find the companays that sell for the most outrageous prices. ans cali con pft worst ever hermi after hermi noting solid .
Submitted by Shawncho (not verified) on
Sorry had to put my list in. Barneys is overrated although I have had vanilla Kush and LSD seeds that were good. Ive had some duds as well. Maybe old seeds dunno but they are not my first choice. An auto flowering seed flowers by age not photoperiod. Its mixed with a ruderalis weak little cannabis plant. They do this to shorten flowering time but smaller yeilds and weaker herb turned me away. If u don't have much room and only want a weeks worth of herb for a 2 month grow then go auto and clone your asst off! Lol
Submitted by Gloria (not verified) on
I'm going to be in Boulder next month...I would check out some dispensaries for seeds...any recommendations?
Submitted by Gloria (not verified) on
Oh I guess you're in Amsterdam...I will be there sometime in the near future but, really wanted to see what Colorado has going on and am passing through so....
Submitted by Aemermophype (not verified) on
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