Top 10 Best Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Strains with exotic names are showing up everywhere and you may get overwhelmed by those hundreds and hundreds of different cannabis seeds. A lot of them are simply copycats from existing strains with only a different 'cool' name. So what to choose? Which ones are the best? Which cannabis strains are the Real Deal? We have made a list of the 10 cannabis seeds that belong in our* Top 10.

The Daily Smoker's Pick of 'Best Cannabis Seeds':


Super Silver HazeSuper Silver Haze - Mr. Nice Seeds

Super Silver Haze is a pure haze sativa crossed with Skunk #1 and Northern lights. It's one of the most famous strains in cannabis genetics and is certainly one of our favourites. The buds from Super Silver Haze smell incredibly sharp with a touch of spice and create a creepy high with a very powerful body feeling. Basically this hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids, designed to astound the grower and consumer alike. Many seedbanks have a Super Silver Haze in their catalogue these days, but the original Super Silver Haze is bred by Neville and Shantibaba from Mr. Nice Seeds. Read more


AK-47AK-47 - Serious Seeds

AK-47 has a legendary status and is in our opinion the best strain from Serious Seeds. It's described as a 'one hit wonder', hence the name AK47. The high is very complex and provides a heavy, long-lasting stonedness. The taste is spicy-sweet, but not harsh at all. AK-47 is easy to grow. It's a mostly sativa strain, but for a sativa it has a surprisingly short flowering period. It produces compact, not too leafy buds, which are covered with resin crystals. Quality without compromise; you can leave it to Serious Seeds. Thanks for this great strain, Simon. Read more


Royal CaramelRoyal Caramel - Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Caramel by Royal Queen Seeds is an outstanding three-way crossing between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino. Her aroma’s while flowering, but especially when toking up, are exquisite and really and she really does have a sweet caramel flavor. Royal Caramel grows short and bushy like a typical Indica even though she is a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica hybrid. When smoking the fruits of this plant, you will discover why this plant belongs in our Top 10. Her smoke is thick and tastes fantastic, but also the effect is amazing. She delivers a very relaxing and heavy stone which will satisfy the true cannabis connoisseur. A Royal Winner! Read more

ChocolopeChocolope - DNA Genetics

When we first tried Chocolope a few years ago in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, we immediately fell in love with this amazing strain. The sweet, chocolate-like taste gives an euphoric, energetic buzz that lasts for hours. Besides Chocolope being an unreal fantastic smoke, it's also very, very easy to grow. What do you want more? Chocolope is a strain from DNA Genetics and has won several cannabis awards in the past. Totally deserved. Read more

OpiumOpium - Paradise Seeds

Opium is a 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid and is a majestic plant, with intense smoke from liftoff to landing. Opium does not leave you crashing on the ground at the end of the ride. Massive colas feature an amazing amount of trichomes that trigger the senses into a cerebral and graphic encounter that must be experienced to be believed. Growers will find that Opium benefits from multiple branching for substantial yields of super-dense buds coated with resin. Opium is a strain from Paradise Seeds and carries on their tradition of excellent cannabis genetics. Read more

Big Buddha CheeseBig Buddha Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

The Cheese is the #1 cannabis strain in the UK. Big Buddha Seeds crossed this strain with a pure Afghani male, which resulted in the Big Buddha Cheese. When you have smoked this Cheese variety once, you will never forget the unique smell. It's truly very cheezzy and a bit musty, like somebody put a piece of cheddar in a bag of Skunk. The taste is surprisingly enough similar to the smell. Overall, Big Buddha Cheese is a very clean, strong and tasty weed for the “seasoned smoker”. Tough job for the breeder to kick Big Buddha Cheese out of this Top 10! Read more


Critical +Critical + - Dinafem

Critical + from Dinafem Seeds is probably the #1 cannabis strain in Spain. It's a mix between the wonderful genes of 2 amazing plants: Big Bud x Skunk (50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid). Critical + is definitely one of the best commercial strains out there. It's an incredible good producer; 650-700 grams/m2 is not an exception! Besides the potentially enormous harvest possibilities, it leaves the user with an incredible high. Critical + produces a very strong and intense fruity Skunk smell, so indoor growers certainly need to take care of some odour control. Critical + grows very fast during its vegetative period, so it might be a good idea to control the height before it starts to flower. If you give the plant some space, it will grow a lot of serious side branches with large colas. You just can't go wrong with Critical +. Totally recommended! Read more


WarlockWarlock - Serious Seeds

Warlock has a spicy-musty taste and gives an uplifting, Sativa-like high. You become chill, but energetic and focused. Logic seems to shut off though, which makes Warlock perfect for some daytime activities that require no thinking or responsibility. While the smell of Warlock is incredible when you light it up; growing Warlock, the odor is that of a very powerful and nasty pure Skunk, so some odor control is essential. Warlock is a strain originally bred by Gerrit from Magus Genetics, but these days Warlock is produced and sold under the flag of Serious Seeds. Read more

BlueberryBlueberry - Dutch Passion

Blueberry is an inmense popular cannabis strain from Dutch Passion and is one of our classic favourites. It's a mostly Indica strain, that dates to the late 1970’s. It has a taste of fresh blueberry muffins when burnt and a very subtle juicy fruit aroma with anti-anxiety and pain relief properties. It gives a very good cerebral high with a bit of physical effect to accompany it. Blueberry is not the easiest strain to grow, but don't let that keep you away from this strain. If you want to get the most out of the Blueberry taste, it's a must to give this strain at least a 2 weeks curing period. Read more

Heavy Duty FruityHeavy Duty Fruity - T.H. Seeds

Heavy Duty Fruity is a strain which lives up to it’s name in more ways than one, both in terms on it’s flavor - fruity and thick, like a blend between berries and citrus fruit - and it’s effects, which tend to be seriously powerful and intoxicating. This is not a strain recommended for functional moments, as Heavy Duty Fruity will most likely leave you locked to whatever couch you were in when you smoked some. A highly recommended strain from T.H. Seeds. Read more

* This Top 10 List of Best Cannabis Seeds list is totally based on our own experience and the experience from people whose opinion makes sense to us. Although we do have a lot of experience together, our experience is still limited. Lots of marijuana seeds are not even able to get on this list (for now), simply because we, or anyone we know, have any experience with those seeds. The fact we're positive about the cannabis seeds mentioned above, doesn't mean we have anything negative to mention about any of the other cannabis strains around. So you know...

And you can always leave a comment of course...


Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
A nice review, but, Dutch Passion are not highly rated and are not the originators of Blueberry, DP and Sagarmatha both got hold of the genetics after promising the creator DJ Short partnerships, that quickly fell apart leaving DJ very unhappy. It is a very tricky strain, varies and is finnicky, but done right it is many peoples favourite. DJ Short still sells Blueberry, but there are issues with old and mistreated [not kept in a fridge] stock, so do some research and buy with caution.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Thanks for the heads up. I've been looking DJ's stuff and unsure if it's the blueberry I want now as they want a lot of $ fer der beans.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
hi there the dj short blueberry pheno i got was very low yielding but the stone was amazing!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Dutch Passion BB is NOT BB, it is a joke! THE WORST!!!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I've been breeding fine Cannabis for decades. As of now I have strains from six continents, with roughly 40 "pure" and 500 hybrids. I've given seeds to many growers. Nearly all have said they prefer my hybrids to clones of the "popular" strains offered as clones, around California. Oddly enough, NONE of the strains listed are in my collection. I have grown a few of them from clones, but wasn't that excited about the product.4trg2
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Dear master, Wich strains would you suggest? Thank you, Eduardo
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Not master but......... super silver have nl#5 x haze pineapple express critical bilbao sweet black angel strawberry cheese blueberry great white shark OG kush strawberry kush Scuff oil etc ............ note: I do not smoke!
Submitted by Shayne (not verified) on
That depends why you smoke/use cannabis - I'd go for Medicanna aka Medijuanna (25% THC) if you suffer pain - the effect is VERY strong - like opium or heroin without all the addiction probs and constipation that goes with it - smoke or consume half an hour - or 90 minutes if you eat it, before bedtime. For taste, try Chocolope, Caramelicious - and the taste speaks for itself in the names - or perhaps Thai x Skunk. For effect of the cerreberal (Head-Stone) type - you ought to go for Thai Buddah, Afgani aka Kush, or the famous African Rift Valley favourite - Durban Poison. Hope this helps. Kindest regards in Cannabis. Shayne.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I just grew 3 different types of Blueberry Including DJ Shorts and Dutch passion, as well as mystery Blueberry seeds I got from a friend who claimed they were blueberry. They are in the 6th week of flower and and the buds on the Dutch Passion BB are definatly the biggest and if you break a fan leaf off it stinks like killer BB. So your a complete moron, They all smell like BB but the Dutch Passion is definatly The biggest, stinkiest best Blue Bud of the lot.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Thanks for sharing these information.These are all available at medicinal cannabis dispensaries
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Sour Diesel? Martian Kush? Super Lemon Haze? Grape Ape? Alien Fire?
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
hello! I was told that in the wild cannabis can achieve higher potency than commercial strains, not always but sometimes! the quality is more directly related to their environmental conditions than genetic, good genetics and bad environmental conditions do not give good result! I think people should adopt a global representation, more scientific and smarter, to distinguish the different strains .. unwittingly take honors the work of farmers or traders in the development and improvement of Genetic lines, the public deserved more honesty and truth by the seedbanks, not about hiding the secret of livelihood because people there getting very rich .. but it is just my opinion, joy for everyone
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
not really ... in the wild , after a gew generations the cannabis will become less and less potent...due to the inbreeding factor...even if you'd introduce 50 plants of the most potent weed, after 3 or 4 generations it will be turned into the wild one and will downgrade... if you have nothing, its better than nothing :) ... this is what happens to growers in jamaica for example...their cannabis is a real good and strong haze....but after a while the family gets weak :(
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Not true. Many landrace strains in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Thailand, etc. have been grown for hundreds or thousands of years and remain some of the most potent in the world. They are also more resistant to molds and fungal attacks. Much of the breeding now is simply to have something new to sell, or to increase yield. We are losing the original genetics. It's much the same as eating an heirloom tomato compared to a hybrid. The hybrid may look great and taste pretty good, then you taste an heirloom and it's so much better. Ace seeds is the most honest and accurate that I've found, and their products are unique. Real Seed Company is also excellent for landrace strains. I've been around cannabis strains for over forty years and though the ready availability of strains from all over the planet is terrific, the hype around the latest fad herb is all advertising. There is more to cannabis than getting stoned. You can get really drunk on cheap liquor, but that doesn't mean that it compares to a thirty year old scotch. Don't believe me, try it yourself!! You won't be disappointed.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Been smoking and growing and traveling the globe for 30 years now. Strongest smoke I ever had was in Northern Lao (prob originated from Burma which was a spit away) - looked like gnarly horrible bent shit, brown and stank like piss. Rocked my world. Name?? - the old Hmong woman told me it was called "ganja" and then smiled a toothless grin (actually it was about the only word she spoke that I understood). Afghani still probably tops my list for indica. Ultimately the best smoke is a matter of preference but give me the land races and old school strains. A couple of commercial strains that I would give Kudos to are NL5 x Haze, Haze, and White Rhino (aka Medicine Man aka whatever they want to call it). But then like I said it's strictly preference as to what appeals to you.
Submitted by J Bizz (not verified) on
I would love to party with some of y'all.  Ex-smoker thinking about starting to deal w/ life stress.  Need suggestions on what kind is best for stress that won't give me that paranoid feeling.  
Submitted by Danny Lennon (not verified) on
I like the tone of your comments - it convinces me that you know what you are writing about and your experience is valuable to me.  What strains, then, do you regard as worthy of the time, money, and effort it takes to grow it?  peace and love
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
this top is shit.. super silver haze from mr.nice never win any cup.. the ssh that win a lot of prizes is from greenhouse seeds.. shantibaba only won anything when he works to greenhouse.. is a little strange that some one, that claim to be the breeder of almost all best strains, never win anything else since then neither before.. shantibaba is only a good breeder when accompanied with the right person! lol, sure e never create any good strain by is own, is just a guy that want to be famous at all cost!!!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Shantibaba is related with DEA in USA, open your eyes he is a buster..
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I hear shanti babba is working with rob Clarke for a high Cbd no thc strain. MrNice is just another company that's was great when they were alligned with Nevil Shoenmaker, like GHS An Sensi. Shanti stole the WW from ingmar, and burned Nevil also.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Shanti is tha king and green house seeds taste all the same. When buying from shanti you know what you're getting and if not shanti Will sort any problem for you so in my opinion he's perfect to deal with.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
ive used greenhouse a few times and bileved they where good but they arent all pepole think they are in my exp ive had 4 of the same strain the buds look the same but each plant having completely individual aroma 1verry skunky 1smelt exactly like lemon etc . and their trainwreck is no where near as potent as it should be or as they stated they should put more care into genetics than money and the results would be more consistant
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Big Buddha Cheese The Cheese is the #1 cannabis strain in the UK. Big Buddha Seeds crossed this strain with a pure Afghani male, which resulted in the Big Buddha Cheese. When you have smoked this Cheese variety once, you will never forget the unique smell. It's truly very cheezzy and a bit musty, like somebody put a piece of cheddar in a bag of Skunk. The taste is surprisingly enough similar to the smell. Overall, Big Buddha Cheese is a very clean, strong and tasty weed for the “seasoned smoker”. Tough job for the breeder to kick Big Buddha Cheese out of this Top 10! Coming from the uk myself i cudnt disagree with the above review more. Big Buddahs cheese is nothing like the original uk clone at all. I think every other single seed companys cheese must be better than big buddahs its the worst so called cheese ive ever smoked in my life wasnt impressed at all with them !!! I think the first one in amsterdam was the homegrown fantaseeds cheese i have never tried this one but its ment to be much better than BBC. The greenhouse cheese is a far better bet than BBC its deffinatley closer to original uk clone cheese than the big buddah cheese and if you know what your doing its easy to grow to a better standard than what itslike when sold in the greenhouse coffeeshops . barneys blue cheese is nice if you can find a phenotype that doesnt aphrodite . also royal dutch dinafem sweet seeds nirvana etc do cheese strains as well. SuperCheese by Positronics is ment to be shit hot too. peace world smoking caramel cream from sweet seeds really likeing this strain at the moment ! madmart
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
LOL, this is a list of the top 10 companies that would pay to be on a top ten list. Look at these reviews, Heavy Duty Fruity sounds just like the seed sale page. At least get creative. Greenhouse is a joke, Dutch Passion is the WORST!!!! Pretty much gave us a list of shit to stay away from, over advertised, beat to hell, massively produced strains of shit!
Submitted by The Daily Smoker on
No company paid anything to be on this list. Greenhouse Seeds a joke? Mmm, might be, that also might be the reason that they're not even on this list... And Dutch Passion? Great seed company, there's nothing wrong with them at all.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Back up your statments! If you think a company is shit; say why and provide proof if possible or more than a single account. If there is no math its not science just opinion; otherwise you're just going to sound like a jelouse rival. Criticism is a good thing provided its constructive.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I expected some lab data about TCH %, tar ... stuff like that. Of course it is also a matter of taste but, is it possible to agree with only that? ... Nice work anyways. Thank you.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Ive been growing for 10 years now and ive tryed dutch passion it sucked go to many hermis. That is one of the bad things with the blueberry from this company
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
blueberry i bought was bad all 5 mutant herms would not buy from dutch passion seeds again
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
If anyone knows of a top ten list of current top ten strains along woth where to get the seeds it would save a lot of people a lot of money,time and agravation.
Submitted by Ed (not verified) on
Duban poison from bonza seeds turned out to be the best doobie I've had and Durban was my hometown, nothing there equalled the genetics I religiously smoke, imo.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Ok, now that you've vented your complaints, do you have anything with value to say? Or does everything just suck? Why not share what is good if you are such an expert!?
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I have grown the SSH for the last 3 yrs. Mr. Nice seeds was the seed bank. I drive these in Hydro. Out of the 8 to 10 plants i"ve grown. Only one met the stated statistics of the plant listed here. Mine were 6 to 7 feet high. So I had to crop. Best THC reached was 16.3. Worste was 11.8. Bud production was as stated on most. Some only reached a max of 8 oz. 12 to 14 oz regularly. High was a little week. But pretty close to actuall taste. Still all in all not a bad strain. Maybe more finikie Then the easy to moderate of growing facter. I have also grown the Opium from P.Seeds. This strain is my 3rd best selling strain. I drive the Hydro for these also. I have grown alot of these plants over the last 5 yrs. Always have above stated results. Best THC was 20.3. Worste was 15.8. These can get tree looking in size. P.H. balance is a must with these. Stay at 6.5 My best results are from this range. The taste will make your mouth water and you'll be begging for more. The high is really intense. With a wacky type of cerebral hase affect. Not so much the visual. But if you have any kind of out door photos on your walls. If you stare to long at it. You may be walking or staring at yourself in the photo!! Really great plant. These are just my expriences with the 2 that are listed here That I have personally grown. Labtech.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
what do you think about albanian weed ?
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
I haven"t really messed around with the charas type plants. I really do love the landrace pure strains. But never had the desire to grow any. Very hard to get my hands on the pure strains. The only pure strain I have played with is the Thai strain. Just takes a life time for these to mature. 14 to 18 weeks to flower and finish. Look up Green House Seeds or Strain Hunters. They have a few vids on the pure land strains. I believe there only pure strain is there Himalayan Gold. I have heard they grow huge and very large buds. Hashy type flavor and a medium thc level of around 15. I May give it a try.
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Can I have some pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeee
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Everyone round my neck of the woods swear by "bluecheese"! I like the old SensiStar and the most enjoyable smoke i've grown was DP's Durban poison, I grew this outdoors one year and it really was liquorice tasting! kept its taste and smell right through the cure. Biddy Early is another great strain, not been able to get any seeds of this for ages now. popularity changes, as does fashion and peer pressure attenuates both. grow what you like, if you enjoy growing it then even better!
Submitted by LORENZO (not verified) on
im grower are 11 year and im not agreed about the best ten weed seed ,,,personaly i try lots,,,everyone like something different,,then,,,i dont saw,,blue rinho,,,it is very good medical weed ,,,why!?  
Submitted by Blackbriar (not verified) on
Never had an issue w/ any Dinafem strains Auto, femmed and non femmed. At my level i dont care where they get there genes from, not a pro breeder or trying to breed anything strictly personal use. I havent been let down yet. They are always uniform side by side, never a bad experience, awesome shipping/storage style. Their WW Auto was amazing to say the least, grew the same, very potent and tasty after a good cure. 240w led custom spectrum  2 plants - 1 yielded 58g the other 47g with botanicare pb line. Clean water. Im interested in their shark attack . in my library I have the white cheese auto, blue widow, critcal auto, and chemdawg. Cant decide which to do next! Try them! Awesome for the $$$. I dont work for them or anything.  Peace
Submitted by Colin (not verified) on
I have grown numerous strains indoors, as well as outdoors. First off all indoor I grew was good. You just have to take care of it properly. There were ones I liked more than others such as harvest time yield and strength. If grown indoor properly all strains can reach their potential. Unless you start with some bad genetics, I have only came across a few of these strains. Outdoors is a different story, it depends on Mother Nature and what medium you have prepared for them. This year I had some early skunk kush that was still good but it rained in the final weeks of harvest and molded a lot. The next couple weeks were dry to end September and my blueberry headband and morning glory finished great. I also had Sheherazade which finished ok this year (still a fav). So it all depends on some factors but as I said if grown properly and to that strains needs (which you have to find out - test) all strains can reach their top potential. Most problems are caused by factors in the environment they are grown in! Peace out and happy farming. 
Submitted by Jay (not verified) on
These may be their top 10 but none are on my list, nirvana white widow is the best of all white widows I've done, slow veg but blew away greenhouse ww! Dutch passion is a great company , never hermies or anything other than advertised, critical kush , purple OG kush, and blue mataro are favs around my neck of the woods, heavy duty fruity was a nightmare , wouldn't germ, ones that did were male except 2 female, they where the worst I've done yet, no expert but by no means a newb , all indoor hydro, except dp bb, better tast in soil! Cheers n beers
Submitted by oldschool (not verified) on
I recently had an opportunity to visit California and found that there are a quite a few wonderful strains that I hadn't heard of and was able to try. Out of these my personal fav was Girl Scout Cookies, it is a whole body buzz and is light and tasty, with a thc content of 20%. Next in line was Green Crack #1, wow! this stuff hits you hard, tastes like fruit loops on the exhale and had a thc test accompanying it that showed 21.92%, very nice and HUGE buds. To keep this short I will only describe a 3rd type and that was durban cherry pie, also a hearty plant and very nice to smoke, ofc cherry on the exhale, and it was right around 20% as well. I also had the ak47 and l.a. woman, hash weed, grape ape, watermelon, and grapefruit,  they were very good but imho a world away from the top 3 i have just described. thanks for listening old school man 
Submitted by Craig (not verified) on
These are all nice strains fellas,but you want to be trying nebula,super easy grower,quality buds and a sweet smoke!
Submitted by tdub (not verified) on
which is best seed comany to by from with out the lies and promises, Im from usa ,would like to get an grow without crap that goes with getting it to me, small room indoors, for my personal year round happy days!!
Submitted by DutchMaster (not verified) on
Dutch Passion seeds has always been a perennial favorite.  The Blueberry phenotype I have now originated from their seed and is amazing.  I get right at 1400 grams per light for yield ( I use Gavita 100W DE lights ) in 56 days with a tremendous knock effect with tested THC of 22%.   It took a number of seeds to get this particular phenotype...but yeah, Dutch Passion is fantastic.