Top 10 Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds have to be picked with care and a bit of research of course. As the season for outdoor growing of cannabis is about to start, we have decided to share the Top 10 list of our favorite outdoor seeds with you. This of course because one strain is not the same as the other and some is just more suitable for your garden than others. This can of course depend on different conditions, variables and aspects. Outdoor marijuana strains, like most other strains, you can basically get anywhere and there are hundreds of different cannabis strains that are bred for outdoor growing, or so they say.  A lot of these outdoor cannabis seeds are simply copies of other already existing strains or seeds and have just been given a different name or a nice and interesting sounding description. So what to choose from those many different strains and brands? Which strain is a safe-and-sound choice? Which outdoor cannabis seeds are the Real Deal and really a trustworthy choice for your garden? Of course our list is totally based on our own experience and the experience from people whose opinion makes sense to us but we sincerely hope you will get some useful info from our own 'Top 10 Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains!'

The Daily Smoker's Pick of 'Best Outdoor Seeds':


Biddy EarlyBiddy Early - Serious Seeds

Biddy Early is an outdoor strain that was first released under the flag of Magus Genetics but from May 2011 all cannabis seeds from Magus Genetics are produced and sold under the flag of Serious Seeds. Biddy Early is a very popular outdoor strain amongst many beginning as well as more experienced and commercial growers as this F1 hybrid is a guarantee for an amazing result in almost all environments. She is very resistant to mold and cold and is known to grow perfectly with great results even in countries with a colder climate like the Netherlands. When grown in colder climates she is known for developing beautiful colors that vary from red to purple. She has a short flowering period of between 50 and 60 days and her harvest period outdoor is in the end of September of the beginning of October. This Sativa dominant beauty grows with a typical Sativa Christmas treeshape and develops an amazing amount of thick and juicy nugs that will reward you with a very lusciously sweet flavored smoke that comes with a very potent and pleasant high. She is not your typical daytime smoke as she is pretty strong but she will not knock you out also. This reliable and rewarding strain has won the 2nd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2003 and the Sativa + High Life Cup of 2004 for best outdoor strain. Read more


Frisian DewFrisian Dew - Dutch Passion

Frisian Dew by Dutch Passion is a cross between the famous Super Skunk and the Purple Star and is their most recommendable outdoor strain in their’ impressive collection. Dutch Passion has a history with many different crossing of Skunk and Purple strains but none of them come even close to this quality strain. She is very easy to grow and is very resistant to mold and colder climates such as the Dutch climate. She grows in a very compact way and with a flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks she produces a very large yield with an enormous amount of fat nugs. Her most beautiful feature is of course her beautiful color display; she produces a very nice light-purple color between her small leaves. This strain has won the 1st prize for best outdoor strain in the Highlife Cup of Holland in 2008 and is a must for any outdoor grower! Read more



Critical by Royal Queen Seeds is known for her amazing production indoors but many commercial growers recommend this strain as the perfect outdoor strain as well. She is the perfect cross between a carefully chosen Afghani and a good Skunk and is Indica dominant. She will not get bigger than 1 meter in height and produces a serious amount of thick nugs with a flowering period of only up to 7 weeks. She is very easy to grow outdoors but prefers warmer summers and climates such as in Spain or Italy where she can produce over 100 grams per plant even. For many growers the Critical is considered as the perfect “cash-crop” plant, combining the best of both Sativa and Indica and guaranteeing an enormous yield with serious quality smoke. This plant will have anybody smiling when her harvest is tasted. She has a very powerful stone that will include your wholly body and mind in a very pleasant and buzzing trip to relaxation-time. Read more


Guerrillas GustoGuerilla's Gusto - Sensi Seeds

As for some growers guerrilla growing is the only option, we cannot miss out on this strain in our Top 10 of outdoor strains. Guerrilla Gusto by Sensi Seeds is the perfect outdoor strain for guerrilla growers as it serves exactly the purpose that its name suggests. The origin of this strain lays in Spain, but after Sensi has brought it to the Netherlands and did a lot of research they managed to create a very potent strain that can grow very well in colder climates as well. Her seeds can be sown on a sunny spot in good soil where there is an access to a water source and the plant will basically take care of herself so the grower can just come back after approximately 70 days to pick the fruits. She is really easy to grow and very resistant and when left alone for the whole outdoor season she will grow to a pretty big height while producing a very rewarding yield. This mostly Indica strain will reward the smoker with a very relaxing and powerful stone. Read more


OG KushOpium - Paradise Seeds

OG Kush by Dinafem is already a legend amongst many growers and smokers in Europe even though she was released not long ago by Dinafem. This strain has been very popular in the USA for many years already but is now proving her reputation all over the world as people are starting to realize that this strain should not be missing from any garden. She is Sativa dominant and can grow in most environments where she will produce a great yield with a flowering time of only up to 8-9 weeks, which is very fast for a Sativa dominant strain. She grows very beautiful with light green leaves and produces a great amount of very dense nugs that are covered with luscious resin. OG Kush by Dinafem is a strain with a bite; she rewards you with a very powerful mental high combined with a nice physical buzz that will altogether have you dreaming and relaxing for a long time. Read more


Super Silver HazeBig Buddha Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

Super Silver Haze by Mr Nice is a cross between the notorious Northern Lights, an original Haze and the almighty Skunk and has been winning many awards since the early 90’s. Many seed banks have a Super Silver Haze in their catalogue but the original Super Silver Haze is bred by Neville and Shantibaba from Mr. Nice Seeds and even though this strain has made our ‘Top 10 Best Cannabis Seeds’ list already, we think she deserves a place in this list as well. Today she is still a very popular strain amongst many beginning growers as well as commercial growers because she is a guarantee for a very successful and rewarding harvest and known to be a very high quality Haze variety. Super Silver Haze has set the bar for haze varieties very high and will prove her reputation when you will add her to your own garden. She grows fairly tall and produces an enormous amount of beautiful nugs with a flowering time of around 8 to 10 weeks. She will finish in the end of October with a very rewarding harvest. Her smoke has a very nice high and had her winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in ’97, ’98 and ’99 so we are sure you will dig it to! Read more


KushberryWarlock - Serious Seeds

Kushberry by DNA Genetics is a crossing between the luscious OG Kush Heirloom from LA and the Oregon Blueberry. This crossing has created one of the most flavorful hybrids amongst the outdoor strains and is known not only for her great taste and thick smoke, but also for her amazing strength. She is one of the strongest strains in the collection of DNA Genetics and is recommended by many smokers for medical usages as well. She is fairly easy to grow and stays pretty short. She has a flowering time of up to 9 weeks while producing an incredible amount of juicy nugs that will have you waiting for her to finish with a mouth full of water. Kushberry will reward you with a very nice combination of high and stone and her great results had her winning the 1st prize for best outdoor strain in the Spannabis of 2008. Read more


Freeze Cheese '89Blueberry - Dutch Passion

Freeze Cheese ’89 by Big Buddha Seeds is the crossing between an old-skool Dutch strain called the Friesland Indica which was bred in the North of the Netherlands in 1989 and the famous Big Buddha Cheese. This strain really brings back the old-skool classic flavor of Dutch weed in the 90’s and is bred to be able to grow in colder environment without any trouble. She is a very resistant and strong plant that needs only 8 to 10 weeks of flowering to produce a great amount of thick nugs that are seriously frosted with shiny resin. Her results are staggering; she will reward you with a large yield by the beginning of October and you will be seriously surprised when smoking this potent baby. Her flavor is a combination of fresh lemon and the typical cheese flavor and her effect is a serious physical stone which will slowly creep up on your brain as well. Read more


Casey JonesCasey Jones - Devils Harvest

Casey Jones by Devils Harvest Seeds is like a sexy threesome between 3 very specific strains; the notorious Train Wreck, the Sour Diesel and a carefully selected Thai. This top-quality strain was developed with an original clone from the Connoisseur Genetics seed bank and bred eventually by Greatfulhead, another great name in the growers world. She is easy to grow and this Indica dominant strain needs only 8 weeks of flowering to create her beautiful nugs which come in an amazing amount! Her smoke is very clean and fast hitting and will reward you with a very uplifting and pleasant buzz. Read more


BlueberryBlueberry - DJ Short

Blueberry by DJ Short is the legendary strain that has influenced many breeders to come with a Blueberry themselves. DJ Short has been a very innovative breeder since the 70’s and this Blueberry strain is still one of the favorite strains for many growers as it is the real deal amongst the many copies out there. This Indica dominant strain grows medium tall with an enormous amount of very juicy nugs. When she is dried and smoked you will recognize the authentic smell and taste of the original Blueberry while being rewarded with a very pleasant and euphoric high combined with a very suiting physical stone. Blueberry by DJ Short has won the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2000 and is going to convince you of its pure quality as well. Read more

* This Top 10 List of Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds list is totally based on our own experience and the experience from people whose opinion makes sense to us. Although we do have a lot of experience together, our experience is still limited. Lots of marijuana seeds are not even able to get on this list (for now), simply because we, or anyone we know, don't have any experience with those seeds. The fact we're positive about the cannabis seeds mentioned above, doesn't mean we have anything negative to mention about any of the other cannabis strains around. So you know...

And you can always leave a comment of course...


Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
love you man i tend to have early winters here are there any top choises you hsve i want t the tasty tasty buds but also not have to worry aabout climate email me plz third year failer i ben useing bag seed tho
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
early winter recommendations, kootenay mountain seed co. has 3 great early strains, Solar Warrior, kash crop ken... check out vsb and they have a nice selection of early flowering strains... anything autoflowering will do for u
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
Try some durban poison, early pearl, or early girl!
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
...I wonder what the feelings would be and how Ed Rosenthals Superbud would rate with this panel of people of who opinions are related with this pole. Lots of good things to read about it, I wonder how well it really does outdoor
Submitted by visitor (not verified) on
yo bro i'm from libya and it's really hot where i'm from , we have long summer n warm winter ,what do you Recommended
Submitted by curemylungs (not verified) on
WIll all of these grow in the barbados antigua and st lucia....we have tropical weather with lots fo rain between october and feb.....  
Submitted by goofball (not verified) on
where can i get guerrillas gusto seeds
Submitted by gregbetaseeder (not verified) on
singleweedseeds co uk/products/sensi-guerrillas-gusto you can by here only one seed and they have a incredible choice. That the only one I use - I'm not working for them - I bouth 6 differents seed and I think you could find over there what you need. Enjoy
Submitted by JUAN v. (not verified) on
i want all the info to the seed's you got  
Submitted by bertie ford (not verified) on
i've been growing out and indoors for a few years now, and keeping notes(stupid i know), durban poison is by far the best outdoor one i've tried, 4m tall, ave100g per plant and finishing a good 3wks before any others. outdoor auto best is easily frisian dew, produced double what it did indoors. indoor best probably jd's easy ryder for quality and quantity, buddhas purple kush for taste and its real pretty.              keep growing and screw the crims. bertie     
Submitted by Jason (not verified) on
im from Australia and am probably looking for a seed that will produce the most amount of bud but also very potient any reccomendations? thanks
Submitted by Jason (not verified) on
im from Australia and am probably looking for a seed that will produce the most amount of bud but also very potient any reccomendations? thanks
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Submitted by bensummmer (not verified) on
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Submitted by mihail (not verified) on
Dude, i live in south part of Ukraine region, outdoor now temp is above 18, what can you suggest me to grow from stuff mentioned above.
Submitted by jame (not verified) on
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Submitted by manny g (not verified) on
hey man great to get on this page and discuss my concerns about growin some good bud...had a difficult time throughout the years and i live here in fortaleza brazil form the u.s but had to find another country to live in...i want to know when is the besttime to plant here we get about 12 hours of daylight everyday and what strain would be perfect now its rainyseason so help guide  
Submitted by bushmon 4 president (not verified) on
I live in the south pacific n weather is kinda trippy, from buromendationsnin hot weeks to the next week of steady down pour with high winds, I NEED a good strong strain With high yield, high potensy that resist bugs, Diseases and rot, any rec
Submitted by Mickeybrown Marley (not verified) on
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