'Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds...' What Are They?

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds start to flower automatically when they reach a given maturity, regardless of photoperiod.

Auto flowering cannabis seeds are in almost all cases crossings (hybrids) between Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica and/or Cannabis sativa. As said before, they start to flower automatically, this in comparison to the 'classic' Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica which need a reduction of sun hours a day in order to flower. Auto flowering marijuana seeds with Cannabis ruderalis inheritance simply start to flower when they reach a certain age. Most autoflowering cannabis seeds start to flower around week 3.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are already on the market for a while, but in the last few years the popularity of autoflowering seeds has skyrocketed. And totally deserved in our humble opinion. If you want to know why, keep on reading...


Cannabis ruderalis - An Explanation

All autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market contain genetics from the Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is a sister of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. She's a relatively unknown cannabis variety which naturally occurs in the mountains of the Caucasus to Mongolia and China. Cannabis ruderalis is a short plant, grows amazingly fast and starts to flower automatically.
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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from a Commercial Perspective

Speed Ryder #2 - AC GeneticsThe first 'Auto flowering cannabis seed' that emerged on the market some time ago was the Lowryder #1 from 'The Joint Doctor'. This was a crossbreed between a Cannabis ruderalis, a William’s Wonder and a Northern Lights #2. Truthfully speaking this particular strain wasn't spectacular. However with the Lowryder #2´The Joint Doctor´ truly placed the auto flowering cannabis seeds in the spotlight. Both the yield as well as the THC% had been enhanced substantially and many people began to adore these marijuana seeds.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Quick Fruit - AC GeneticsAutoflowering cannabis seeds are quickly becoming more and more popular due some big advantages. With these seeds it's possible to harvest outdoors several times a year. They grow also very fast and they're perfect for the discreet guerilla grower due their short stature. Having said that there are some small drawbacks as well.

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How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

White Express - AC GeneticsAutoflowering cannabis seeds are not difficult to grow. They tend to need a little less care and less nutrients than the 'classic' Cannabis sativa's and indica's. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are usually very fast growers and the majority of these seeds can already be harvested after 60-70 days after germination. These seeds enjoy an airy soil, relatively low on nutrients.
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